December 16, 2017

“It was the worst of time, it was the worst of times.”

Oh man.  I had prophesied earlier that some Republican Senators would find someway to gum up Tax reform moving forward, and I was right….for a day.  Rubio and Lee were going to be two “no” votes unless the child tax credit was increased.  It was increased, and that’s good although it is also sunset out like every other individual concessions for non-corporate entities (people).   No one else came forward before the final bill was complete and honestly this whole grandstanding was a political play on Rubio’s part.  He was never ever ever going to vote no.

The final bill has moved around some numbers to please different groups and in effect, marginally adding more to the projected deficit.  The decrease in the tippy-top bracket (to give rich people more money) was offset but increasing the corporate line from 20 to 21.  Which is basically taking money out of the left hand of rich people and putting it in their right hand.  All of this considered, makes it mind-blowing that Bob Corker, whom stated he wouldn’t vote “yea” on any tax reform that increased the debt by a penny, suddenly found this tax reform agreeable.  Some are presuming he has a sweet job in the administration coming up for his sudden change of mind (State Dept), but I find that hard to believe.  Does any of this make any sense anyway?

There still could be trouble on the horizon when this bill hits the floor on Monday.  In the House…well yeah what will that take, 24 Republicans voting no? pffff.  In the Senate, what do we have?

Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, McCain?  Who the hell knows?  None of this political suicide makes any sense.  Why should Jeff Flake care to line up with the Republicans anyway?  He’s supposed to be ultra conservative and he’s not running for re-election, so how does this make sense?  Is he a more palatable presidential candidate in 2020 for voting against his own stated fiscal beliefs and in line with a party he has no faith in as currently constituted?  How is this good?  What’s the play?  What does McCain have to lose?  Let’s be brutally honest, he’s going to be dead soon, he’s not taking this bill to the grave with him. It’s going to remain with the living.  How in the name of hell does Susan Collins go from being a health care hero to just not giving a fuck?

I’m at a loss here to understand what’s going on.  Aside from the political calculation I mentioned in an earlier post, this is literally a no-win situation for Republicans.   How does jamming through a bill that the majority of Americans don’t want, every sound analysis proves won’t do what they hope, and is clearly on it’s face a handout to corporation, seem reasonable just because it means Republican’s accomplished something.  How does accomplishing something awful seem exemplary?

I’m giving myself a damn heart attack thinking about this.


Still no word on the Summer Zervos v Donald Trump libel lawsuit concerning Trump calling Zervos a liar for stating he sexually abused her.  Trump’s side did submit additional documentation on the 12th outlining another similar case for Trump that has been thrown out.


What this is, is support of the notion that Trump does not need to know what he’s talking about, either in political debate or on social platforms.  He can be fact-free because he is merely, constantly, representing opinions as facts.  I outlined this brazen “stupidity as defense” in an earlier post.


Every single Democratic Congressperson needs to bang the drum loud and clear about the Republican’s current attempts to undermine and/or end a just and reasonable investigation by special counsel, Bob Mueller.  LOUD AND CLEAR.  This isn’t enough so far.  It’s not.

Here is Schiff’s earlier “wall of tweet” concerning it.  I’m not sure what he is implying in the end.  Is he saying the Republicans will end their “investigation” by stating there is no wrong-doing by anyone?  Is he saying they shall determine there is wrong-doing in the persons on Hillary Clinton, Bob Mueller, or Jim Comey that needs to be investigated?  Are they going to determine the FBI and DOJ are irreparably compromised with anti-Trump bias?  What exactly comes out of the completion of the House investigation that Trump will use to his advantage?




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