December 6, 2017

Schmuck-in-chief declares unrest and heightened tension for Jerusalem.  Trump sticks out his chin and delivers a short-sighted proclamation rich in avoidance of history, facts, and any understanding of the Palestinian-Jewish conflict.

This unilateral declaration will spark outrage, protest, and most likely conflict throughout the world and specifically in the Middle East.  It is yet another sign that the President prefers violence as his chief form of diplomacy.  It is a brazen dismissal of the Palestinian issue and, by extension, will be seen as further indication of our nation’s disdain for Islam.

It is true that previous Presidents had wished it were possible to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, but that has always been on the condition of resolution of hostilities and a lasting peace agreement.  Past Presidents weren’t so foolish.  Trump has not just put the carriage before the horse, he has put bodies before guns and lives over mines.  Idiocy.

This must be the result of the hard work and expertise of boy-wonder, Jared Kushner.  No doubt using his supreme negotiation skills to solve this complex issue in his “portfolio”.  Probably went a little something like this:

Benjamin Netanyahu: Yeah, just move your embassy to Jerusalem and declare it the Capital of the Jewish State, and we’ll fix up everything else.”

Kushner: Are you sure?

Benjamin Netanyahu:  Absolutely.  As your father-in-law says, “Believe me.”

Kushner: Well…okay then.  I’ll just cross this one off my list.

Trump’s 12 minute speech highlights the difficulty mouth-breathers have with sustained attempts at recognizable speech.  By the end, it’s questionable if that’s the English language being vomited out from Trump’s disgusting mouth.

A fellow twitterhead suggested Trump will use “poor health” as the reason he resigns from office. I like that angle.  Has a nice ring to it.


We’re still waiting to hear from courts in NY as to whether the Summer Zervos v Donald Trump libel suit will be allowed to continue.  I had mentioned after the last documents from the case were filed in October, that I felt the defense had strong arguments to stay this case until Trump is out of office, however that may occur.   I don’t see this case being thrown out altogether.

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