Here we go

Do it Trump.  Dooooo eeeettttttttttt.  I don’t believe for a second these latest tweets are the spearhead of any concerted administration effort to get at Mueller.  This is just Donny tweeting, but he is the “President”.  As much as Sarah (Minister of Propaganda) Sanders would have us believe that only a select few things that Trump says, does, or tweets are anything more than, “get a sense of humor,” or, “he was obviously referring to…,” or, “He didn’t mean this to be true, but only representative of some greater truth,”  words do matter.  They do.




Oh Donny, now you’ve gone and said it.  You may have given fodder to Mueller’s investigation in your earlier tweets regarding your questionable motivations, but now you’ve given Congress a heads-up about your possible future actions.  Whether it’s just you tweeting in your infinite lack of wisdom or not.  You’ve said it.

Expect Mueller to start filing some of his charges at State level, which is outside the purview of any Federal action.  Expect that Congresspeople have to start talking to each other in good faith at this time about how they shall constrain Trump.  I don’t expect Republicans to actually want to draft legislation protecting special counsel immediately, but…Trump has their attention.  Duly noted, sir.

Again, at this time, this is the best possible scenario.  Trump imploding and inflicting no collateral damage, is the best we could hope for.

I didn’t want all of this to happen now.  This is not the right time.  We’re in the internet age where time accelerates and Donny is pushing the warp button.  We may very well be heading into “Constitutional Crisis” territory the likes of which the founding fathers never contemplated.

We never wanted lawyers to decide the fate of our nation, neither did the founding fathers, but our desires in this shall be supplanted by necessity.  We may soon have multiple courts in action and at least one argument before the supreme court before midterms.

One thought on “Here we go

  1. I has been well reported and acknowledged that tRumpsky has pressured republican congress members to both protect him and to try to stop the investigations. Remember some legislation was introduced to limit or shut down the Mueller investigation. They have raised ever red flag, myth and possible false scenario to try to discredit the investigation so far. That there now are guilty pleas and indictments is scaring the crap out of most of them. Clearly tRumpsky and his personal lawyers are not getting it. Hugs

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