December 3, 2017

The Senate managed to slap together their tax reform bill and shove through a vote despite the objections of Democrats and while their constituents slumbered.   The Democrats tried desperately to stall it so that there could be ample time to at least read the damn thing.  But…nah.  Who needs to read such an insignificant bill?

Oh and the Democrats were not happy at all.


No, you were not given time to read it.

Cory Booker was reading all 600 pages live on facebook:


Screenshot-2017-12-2 Cory Booker - Home.png

Much love and respect Corey.  You are a fine man,  but the Republicans voted…every single one of them, to not be allowed to read it.



Now what?  Well, there’s quite a few hurdles to jump yet.  Trust me, time is of the essence for Republicans.  They’d like to either get through reconciliation as quickly as possible or just have the House vote on the Senate bill.  Anything…anything to have this done before Trump implodes or before either of the potential Alabama Senators arrive on the scene.

Trump imploding looks like an even odds bet right now.  We were concerned what this quickening pace of impending doom would do to what little grasp Trump has on reality.  We were concerned what form his lashing out will take.  And man…if he wants to do shit like this all day, I could not be happier:



Trump turning inward like this, is the absolute best scenario.  I pray to God he continues in this fashion.  Not only is he not doing harm to anyone else, he’s doing plenty of potentially grievous legal harm to himself.

As far as the Congressional Republicans, it’s really hard to get one’s arms around how incredibly stupid they are acting.

If this were a scene in a movie, our hero has just shot the bad guy as the fiend was falling into the ocean.  The antagonist, in his last, desperate act before his death, lifts up his gun, aims carefully, and shoots himself in the foot as he submerges into the dark depths.

If the objective was to satisfy the donors and thereby secure enough funds to finance their re-election campaigns, it would seem most likely that no amount of money is going to successfully combat the amount of hostility that will be fielded against them from both sides.  If the ultimate objective was to force the sequestration process and then necessarily under-fund and undercut every single social program they could, well…if they are not in majority after midterm, exactly how do they propose to do that?

This makes no sense my friends.  It is some strange, unfathomable act of spite masquerading  as an act of redemption for 8 years of wanton obstruction.  This bizarre cutting-of-the-nose-to-spite-the-face, is epic in it’s stupidity.  Truly epic.

2 thoughts on “December 3, 2017

  1. I think they’re attitude is “apres moi, le deluge.” Sure, in the long run it works out badly, but it’s conceivable they’ll be retired to a nice lobbying or think tank job or dead by the time that happens. So why worry?

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