So where are we now?

When I started this blog my presumption was that ultimately many people around Donald Trump would be charged with various crimes and that Trump would still be standing after the fact.  He would remain… tarnished, damaged and left to Congress to deal with or not; leading to a constitutional crisis.  I presumed this wouldn’t take place until late spring or early summer.

We’re way ahead of schedule and that makes me nervous.

In hindsight, it is possible that Trump’s latest insanity was in fact prodded by the knowledge that the hammer was coming down on Flynn.  What is about to happen to Flynn could portend great difficulties to Trump himself.  We don’t know yet.  It is possible that we will be able to glean where this investigation is going, so far as Trump himself is concerned, by what is type of language is presented in court in half an hour.  We may not know.

If it is presented as a plea deal, then we have to wonder what the other side of the bargain is.  This most obviously, as far as Trump is concerned, points to obstruction of justice.  That looks like a straight forward path, doesn’t it?  If that’s the case, I’m unhappy with the timeline, but we knew all along Mueller isn’t going to play politics and if he had, it would muddy his honest work.

It could be that this will follow my original analysis and lead to further charges filed against “all the kings men” and not Trump himself.  It could also be that a forthcoming plea deal is self contained and involves only Flynn himself, but that would seem to be less likely.

We may not discover anything new after this court appearance.  Let’s see.  I know it’s awful for me to contemplate, but I hope this gets strung along closer to midterms, or we may find ourselves in a comparably worse place for the long-term prospects of a liberal, progressive, forward reaching Democracy.

If all things remain as they are, this would be the beginning of Trump totally losing his mind and undertaking some truly concerning, troubling, and dangerous activities in full blown insanity that could damage our country.

I’m nervous.

3 thoughts on “So where are we now?

  1. I think that should be “… troubling, and dangerous activities in full blown insanity that could damage our country” more than he already has. 😉🤔 . Time is getting short for tRumpsky and crew I think, at least in tRumpsky’s mind. I was reading this morning how he was pressuring GOP leaders in congress and even the lower ranks to do more to end the probes and to protect him. Makes me wonder if a guilty consciousus was at work. Hugs

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    1. Congress is running full steam ahead despite how wildly unpopular their tax reform bill is and despite how it will associate them with an increasingly criminal administration. There is no amount of campaign money that will assure their re-election when the history of these weeks is written. Where is the foresight? But yes, more damage than he’s already done. I’m very concerned what kind of damage Trump will gleefully go about enacting from now until midterms, if he makes it that far.

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      1. They have to pass these cuts no matter how much the people hate it or demonstrate against them. The big money wealthy donors have said no more donations until they get these. Republican campaign money raising has trickled almost to a stop. I even watched a democrat wealthy big money donor say if the democrats screwed this deal up for him, he would cut off all donations. This guy was on TV basically saying he gave millions in bribes to get what he wanted. How can people making 48 or 50 grand fight that? People making 33 grand? 20 grand? I know many people who are working for barely more than min wage, they can not donate large sums. I do not know they answer, but I have seen the problem. Hugs

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