November 29, 2017

I had said before we should get ready for craziness to go up a notch where Trump is concerned.  The thing is, I was assuming his insanity would be prodded by further external forces.  Actual, serious actions.  No such direct attack on Trump is evident.  Sure, there is further erosion at the seams based on the ineffectiveness of this administration, but no direct, particular challenge political, criminal, or otherwise.

…And yet, since this weekend to today, Trump has submerged deep into madness at a very concerning depth.  Many people: newscasters, politicians, and Joe Blow on the street, are openly wondering about Trump’s grip on reality.

I had said before, somewhat poetically, how Trump prefers to operate in the dreamworld of his creation (going to quote myself : )-

The clear fact is, Trump does not operate from a foundation of principal or some moral guiding light or any desire to do “good” for the people. Trump navigates through this world based on his own selfish feelings. He is the dreamer and the dream. It is baffling and frustrating to him when the world is not exactly as he wants it to be…as it should be.
The world is supposed to be a carnival candyland of his riches and playthings, young models and fawning sycophants; a dreamscape of easy battles to be won and a collection of enviable wealth. There should be shills at the beck-and-call to do the dirty work and handle the niggling details of garnering the gold plated wealth displayed in gold plated festoonery as Trump sits leering from his gold plated high-chair. The shills should forcibly bow down the masses to Trump’s righteous desires to be adored without question and lusted after by the nubile and envied by all men who could never be his equal. The damaged-vessel boy king; heir to the throne, before whom we should all swear fealty and recognize that the objects of Trump’s feelings are the backdrop to this here-and-now creation of Trump’s dreamworld that we only inhabit at his whim. This is as it should be. What he feels right now, at this very moment, is the only thing that truly matters.

It honestly feels to me as if Trump is finding it more increasingly difficult to deal with reality and is more frequently retreating to his fantasyland where everything is exactly as it should be.  His little pep rally today, which was ostensibly about tax reform, was actually about his retreat to the unreal and the safety that he finds there.  He was adored as he is supposed to be.  He got to retell the tall tales of how he won and how he will continue to win and the win streak will likely never end.

It feels as if we’ve come to the precipice of Trump’s sanity and should be concerned about what might happen next when an actual, real, perceivable threat to his person surfaces, whether that is via Mueller or a true international incident that challenges his ability to govern.  I don’t feel overly concerned about his access to nuclear weapons at this time, because I feel confident that sane people around him would ignore procedure and not allow him access to any such weapons.

I am more anxious and desiring of anyone anyone in the White House staff, coming forward and saying, “This is enough.”  “We cannot trust this man and here is why.”  At some point someone has to feel concerned for our nation, don’t they?

We don’t need to go over his tweets today, they are pure insanity.  We have further leaks from somewhere within the administration, that Trump is revisiting whether or not Obama was actually born in the US again.  It’s spun as a political calculation to effect an event that has already passed: the election.  Even if the truth is that Trump is considering how he can revisit the past and change it, and not questioning whether or not obvious facts (facts he has already admitted to) are real, that is insanity too.  Either way it’s insane.

I think…tomorrow…tomorrow if we get more of the same insanity, we may deduce he cannot find his way back to something resembling reality.  I would suggest staff around him try to schedule a little more dense activity that keeps him interacting with people.  Schedules like this, don’t help:


2 thoughts on “November 29, 2017

  1. The news today is full of people questioning his grip on reality and his sanity. SOme from inside the white house it is said. However if an accused child molester with credible accusers and a town of people who know what he did with young girls when he was an adult is still a viable candidate who could seriously win the election, there is little chance anyone will turn on tRumpsky. Even the Gov of Alabama said she felt ideology was more important than molested children. In one thing I read today the author said if he caught Moore doing it to his teen daughter he would still vote for him because he was a republican. Tribalizm has won in the land of the republicans. Hugs

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