Let the Budget Games begin

As outlined yesterday, with the proposed budget already being out of whack, tax reform set to add a ridiculous amount to our deficit, and Trump and the Republican’s desires to enforce particular types of boundaries to a needed spending bill to save the government from shutdown, there’s massive difficulties ahead for any type of consensus.

It isn’t this tweet that stalled a meeting today as is being reported:


Nah.  No matter how often it’s said or by whom, it wasn’t another dumbass tweet that did Trump in.  This much later tweet is a little closer to the truth.


You can find the truth in what actually happened from extracting, “I don’t see a deal,” from the first tweet before the meeting and listening to this part of what the twitterer-in-chief said from where the meeting was to have taken place.



It’s clear they had already spoken about what the deal was going to be…and just like I outlined yesterday, the Republicans want to pay BIGLY for more guns and stuff, and the Dems said, well sure as long as we match dollar for dollar on all the social programs you want to underfund.  Trump said, we want to hold DACA hostage for my original  list of demands, which looks like this:

1.Ensure funding for the southern border wall and associated infrastructure.

2. Loopholes in current law prevent “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UACs) that arrive in the country illegally from being removed. Rather than being deported, they are instead sheltered by the Department of Health and Human Services at taxpayer expense

3. Ensure swift Border returns.

i.Seek appropriations to hire an additional 370 immigration judges.
ii. Establish performance metrics for immigration judges.
iii. Seek appropriations to hire an additional 1,000 U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) attorneys, with sufficient support personnel.
iv. Ensure sufficient resources for detention
4. Sanctuary Cities. Hundreds of sanctuary jurisdictions release dangerous criminals and empower violent cartels like MS-13 by refusing to turn over incarcerated criminal aliens to Federal authorities. Therefore, the Administration proposes blocking sanctuary cities from receiving certain grants or cooperative agreements administered or awarded by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.
5. Necessary Resources.
i. Seek appropriations to hire an additional 10,000 ICE officers.
ii.Seek appropriations to hire an additional 300 Federal prosecutors to support Federal immigration prosecution efforts.
iii. Reforms to help expedite the responsible addition of new ICE personnel

You getting the picture?

This is why Trump throws out lines like, “They’re weak on crime,” or, “They want criminals and drugs just POURING through our borders.”  He says this because, this is what he laid on the table to “Chuck and Nancy” before the meeting and they probably responded with something along the lines of, “We won’t tie DACA to anything.”

Therefore, on these grounds, no meeting took place.  All terms are unacceptable to both parties.  So…no, the Democrats are not holding any negotiations hostage, the Republicans and Trump are.  We knew this was going to happen, and here it is and everyone’s so damned surprised!  SHOCKING.

The next step, as mentioned yesterday is paring down how much of the Republican demands will be met dollar for dollar with social programs and how long or far Republicans are willing to hold DACA hostage to the outrageous terms.  They still haven’t held CHIP officially hostage, but oh they will my friends.  I can guar-an-fucking-tee it.

To the Trump administration, the Democrats refusal to sign into law awful legislation is seen to be an act of obstruction.  To the Trump administration, the job of Congress is to rubber-stamp whatever piece of shit Trump wants. (remember the Bush shaming into the Iraq war? You’re not a patriot if you don’t sign up for war.)

What will follow all the debates about what over spending we are about to put in omnibus legislation, is the sequestration process.  This might take some time, but eventually Republicans will say, “Hm…we seem to be in a bit of a quagmire from all this overspending, the only thing we can do now is cut all social programs significantly.”



3 thoughts on “Let the Budget Games begin

  1. The last part is part of the tax cut the republicans are desperate to pass. It will automatically trigger massive cuts in social safety net programs, such as medicaid, medicare, social security due to the deficit rise. Sequester will devastate the poor and working poor. And it is a built in part of their damn plan. Hugs

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