November 28, 2017

Now we see the fruits of our labors.  Less than nothing.  We all knew that among the many, many issues with the incoming administration, one of the most important issues would be: an inability to govern.  Couple that with Republican Congresspeople finding themselves in the unusual position of being in the drivers seat and totally unfamiliar with how a car operates.  They became overused to being the obstruction party and simply do not possess the tools to govern our nation.  They haven’t the knowledge, they don’t have the desire, and they lack any consensus among themselves.

Congress now has an overabundance of difficulties to address in a ridiculously short time.  All of the difficulties were completely unnecessary and generated entirely by the incompetence of the White House and Congress.

Government Shutdown Dec 8th as funding expires.  As you will recall Democrats refused to push this back to after midterm elections so that Republicans could sidestep the issue.

DACA expiration.  Trump made this an issue by, for no reason whatsoever, doing away with the original dreamers act, and threw it at Congress.  “Here, you fix my petulance and stupidity.”

CHIP expiration.  Congress just let the insurance for 9 MILLION poor children (OUR CHILDREN!) expire for no reason at all.

Iran Nuclear Deal.  Again, ripped up for no good reason whatsoever.  As I have mentioned before, I wouldn’t be surprised if Congress does not fix this screw up for Trump.  Seriously, send it back to him and let him certify it or not.  It can’t be renegotiated, no new terms will be accepted.  To even offer terms, just gives Iran all the more reason to leave the agreement with all of the remaining reasonable parties to the contract.

And… reform.

Congress has 12 legislative days to fix all of this.

If it doesn’t seem like this is an impossible task, it is going to be made much worse by the distinctly different ways in which the two parties will approach the issues.  As mentioned before, Paul Ryan said CHIP won’t be attached to any year end spending bills, but…but, Republicans are discussing among themselves what will be attached to CHIP.  They want to attach the Public Health Fund from the ACA to CHIP, so that that would be how it is funded. In other words, several hundred thousand people would lose their health insurance to pay for the health insurance of poor kids.

Republicans have made statements of wanting to tie DACA to everything from funding the wall, to new enforcements on “sanctuary cities” to enhanced monitoring.  There’s virtually no chance this is going to be a stand alone bill.  Hell, it may have a bunch of garbage tied to it and also be tied to the omnibus spending bill to keep the government from shutting down.  Just to make extra super certain that Democrats have to swallow it with a poison pill.

If we refer to the budget as laid out by the Trump Administration, there will be a sizable increase in military spending and associated programs, and a decrease in everything else.  If we refer to the current tax reform bill as it stands in both houses, there will be a significant addition to the federal deficit which will, of it’s own accord, kick in the sequestration process from the Budget Control Act making necessary further cuts in discretionary spending (defense and non-defense).

Congress will thereby find themselves in a catch-22.  You want to increase Defense spending?  Well then, the Democrats want to increase social programs dollar for dollar.  You want to further increase the debt substantially?  Then your own Republicans won’t vote for the tax plan or the extended funding.

I’m sure they’ll come up with a patchwork for extending funding through midterms.  But it’s not going to be pretty and no one is going to be happy.

All of this mess could have easily been avoided if we had intelligent people running our government.  But…we don’t.

Daca shouldn’t have been touched.  It was already proving to be a win-win situation.

The Iran Nuclear deal, shouldn’t have been touched.

CHIP should have been refunded just like it was every year with total bipartisan support as a stand-alone piece of legislation.

And Trump, you fucktard.   If you had promoted simple tax reform that made modest improvements to the corporate rates with some of the existing loopholes closed (they were already paying an effective rate of 18.5% for crying out loud), and opened up incentives through new deductions based on credits for actual growth, we wouldn’t be in this fucking mess.  But nah, the only people that ever mattered were the billionaire donors and Republicans just couldn’t let the moment pass to show how they could fuck up puckering their lips and kissing the Koch brother’s assholes.

You could have had an easy win with spectacular reviews and tremendous poll numbers.  YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WINNING!!!



Oh…Oh!  Some of the changes will be mathematical?  You mean like….with numbers and stuff?  Daaaaamn….that’s gotta be some complicated shit dawg.

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