November 23, 2017

Happy New Years!

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving and all that junk.  I’ve been busy with Family stuff and haven’t had much time to stomach Donny.

I think, sometimes we’d prefer to deal with wide ranging issues, the broader strokes, rather than the daily stupidity that is this administration.  However painful it is, we have to examine the details of this administration’s purposeful dismantling and destruction of our freedoms, our environment, our social fabric, and our relationship with the world point-by-point, so that we have facts at hand to refer to and not just feelings.

Happily, Trump’s tacit endorsement of Roy Moore is both a broad stroke and a point of reference.  As a point of reference, the last time Trump spoke about Moore was when Trump was flying back from his triumphant Asian tour on November 11th:

Q If we could ask you about Roy Moore. Is it time to pitch him overboard?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, again, I’ve been with you folks, so I haven’t gotten to see too much. And believe it or not, even when I’m in Washington and New York, I do not watch much television. I know they like to say — people that don’t know me, they like to say I watch television. People with fake sources — you know, fake reporters, fake sources. But I don’t get to watch much television, primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents a lot, and different things.

I actually read much more — I read you people much more than I watch television. But anyway — but so I have not seen very much about him, about it. And, you know, I put out a statement yesterday that he’ll do the right thing, that — he was interviewed.

That’s it.  “He’ll do the right thing.”  Twelve days later he makes a statement on the White house lawn.  “He totally denies it and, you know,  you have to listen to him also.”  Which is the patented- creation of an alternate argument is equally as valid as the original claim and therefore, being of equal weight, negates the entire discussion itself.  “Fine people on both sides”.  End of story.

If I transcribed the mess of a word salad from this quick interview, it would easily eclipse the November 11th, Airforce-One interview, for incomprehension, absence of facts, and verbal vomit.

“He, let me just tell you, Roy Moore denies it, and by the way-he totally denies it.”

“Well he denies, I mean Roy Moore denies it, and by the way, he gives a total denial, and I do have to say, forty years is a long time, he’s run eight races and this has never come up, so forty years is a long time. The women are Trump voters, most of them are Trump voters.  All you can do is you have to do what you have to do.  He totally denies it.”


In reference to Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones:

“We don’t need a liberal person in there, a democrat (pause)…Jones.  I’ve looked at his record, he’s terrible on…” then Trump rattle off Kellyanne Conway’s talking points about Jones.  Trump just barely barely remembered Jones name.  He didn’t look at Jones’ record.  He doesn’t know shit about Doug Jones.

Truly awful, no-fact, nonsense about the wave of sexual misconduct allegations, “Women are very special and I think it’s a special time…and I think it’s very very good for women.”  It’s like listening to a child.

Standing back, and looking at this interview in terms of a broad stroke, what an awful miscalculation.  It was/is in both parties interests to just let this thing play out.  The Democrats are doing an awesome job so far.  I pray to God no one from the Democratic side gets on a pulpit and starts proselytizing and demanding immediate justice and recompense.

Trump’s statement of favorable regard for Roy Moore, merely so that the Senate could maintain it’s slight edge for Republicans for one damn year, is myopic to the nth degree.  There was absolutely no need for this.  Trump should have maintained something as tepid as, “If the allegations prove to be true…,” rather than endorsement of a poison pill for Republicans.  The damage this is going to do to the Republican Party cannot be overstated.

The outcome of midterm elections is already being slightly tilted towards Democrats, but this…this as an added talking point about what Republicans stand for, is a Christmas gift that is going to keep giving for some time.

If everything remains as it is, Doug Jones has a decent chance of winning this seat…but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s only for a year. : )


I did catch some of Rachel Maddow last night.  She did an interesting piece about gerrymandering and the statistically difficult task it is for Democrats to win statewide seats in some states.  Democrats have to outvote Republicans by wide margins to even have a chance to win some seats in many cases and that’s just sad.

Rachel highlighted the recent attempt by the Trump administration to use the upcoming census data to further rig elections in favor of Republicans by installing a pro-gerrymandering numbskull into office to oversee the manipulation of the data gathered.

“The Trump administration is leaning toward naming Thomas Brunell, a Texas professor with no government experience, to the top operational job at the U.S. Census Bureau, according to two people who have been briefed on the bureau’s plans.

Brunell, a political science professor, has testified more than half a dozen times on behalf of Republican efforts to redraw congressional districts, and is the author of a 2008 book titled “Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America.”

Yeah, that’s their man right there.  Another no-experience ideologue to run an arm of the government.  The Administration has no plans to fill, what would be a Congressionally approved seat, to oversee the census.  Nah.  They’ll leave that vacant and install this shit as the #2 man, because that position is not approved by Congress.  Clever, huh?


Oh and…get a load of Melania Trump.

No.  Not gonna go stand over by idiot and have anything at all to do with this conversation.  No Sirree.


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