November 20, 2017

There is no update on the Summer Zervos v Donald Trump suit as of yet.  This is the libel suit filed against Donald Trump for his assertion during the campaign that she was a liar about the sexual allegations she leveled at Trump.  The last motion filed by the defense, after already ceding this is a legit suit that will see it’s day, was to have the trial stayed until after Trump’s presidency (however that may end).  I hope this suit can be heard in court before midterms, but honestly I thought the defense’s claims it must be stayed were solid.

Before Kellyanne Conway became Donald Trump’s Campaign manager and spokesperson, she was a vocal detractor of his.  She thought he should release his tax returns, she thought he was lying about representing the little guy, she believed Trump University was a scam, and she said he was vulgar.  Then she became part of his organization and all of that went out the window.  She’s paid to lie for him.  She’s a professional liar and a repulsive human being.

Kellyanne Conway had said several days ago, no senate seat is worth a child’s safety.  Great.  Well, this morning she went on “Fox and Friends” and said exactly the opposite.  I’ll post the Young Turks video here because it shows both statements (and I know this clip won’t dissapear from Youtube!)


If you’re keeping score at home:

A lady that’s paid to lie, whom is representing the sexual-predator-in-chief in Trump, thinks it’s ok to install an alleged child molester and devout anti-gay anti-muslim bible thumping fucktard into the Senate, so that Congress can pass a tax reform bill that will result in a larger deficit that triggers pay cuts in social programs and taxes the middle class, so that the wealthiest Americans may become even wealthier.

What could be wrong with that?


Al Fraken has had another claim leveled against him.  My original impulse was, well ok… to think of Franken as an amateur, garden-variety sexual deviate.  That’s what I was thinking.  Like this shit needs to be put on a scale.  Right?  Say we did put it in a scale from novice to hardcore sexual deviant.  Who is going to decide where we mark the scale for tolerable and intolerable?  It doesn’t work that way.  I’m not sure how it should work.  I don’t know what to say honestly.  To me, it’s the same as my opinion on abortion.  I don’t fucking know.  I say, let’s have all the women decide and whatever they say is fine by me.

It seems our societal norms and advancements aren’t in the same league as our animalistic impulses, they are merely a damper.  I believe, at this point, the Senate should investigate whether Franken is capable of doing his job and is of no further danger to those around him.

2 thoughts on “November 20, 2017

  1. My thoughts on things is the degree of the act, repetition if any, and the actions taken when accused. There is a difference of degree even to sexual assault and harassment. I was sexually abused and physically abused in childhood, but I was lucky, I lived through it. I survived. Many don’t. That is worse. A pat on the bottom or a brush of your groin is not as bad as a rape. Not to say something is not bad, but the punishment for the action should represent the action as well as the damage done to the person it was acted on.

    The case of Franken is different from Moore or tRump or someone like Spacey. Franken had an accusation, he admitted it, took responsibility for it, Never blamed the victim, and apologized. He then called for an investigation into himself by the ethics panel. Now a second accusation has been raised, but it has not been proven as credible yet.

    Compare that to Moore who denied even the smallest claims that have been proven true. He and his supporters blame the victims, accusing them of dirty tricks and calling into question their morals and motives.

    So I think saying the cases are all the same and one punishment or brush should be used on all is wrong. Just as I hated the news media saying that the things done / said by Hillary and the things done / said by tRump and his campaign were of equal measure some how, I feel that showing no difference between the cases of accused is also wrong. We have the ability to reason and we should use it. Far too many of us fail at it. Hugs

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