Fox News-Trump CircleJerk Du jour


Trump’s Schedule for Saturday, pretty much looks like all of his schedules for weekends: nothing.

“President Donald Trump has no public events currently set on his official schedule but stay tuned because his weekends often include non-public outings and we will report them as they happen.  Just before 9:30 a.m. Saturday, we were informed that the president would be going nowhere until at least 5 p.m. We’ll update this evening if anything comes up.”

It’s getting too cold to golf, so long excursions to Mara Lago are sure to come.  Won’t be hard to maintain the 30% of his Presidency spent at his own properties.

He hasn’t gotten back into the full swing of watching “Fox and Friends” and tweeting out everything his little mind manages to grasp on to with his little fingers.  He did tweet this one out at 8:31am:





As directed and madated by this “Fox and Friends” segment at 8:03am.


OK Fox news talking heads, let’s examine all of the misinformation you manage to squeeze into 2 minutes for the cult member’s consumption.

Lady in the middle (Rachel!)- Clinton isn’t making the rounds to defend Franken.  This was an interview about the current climate, in which Franken was a topic.  I’m going to presume anything that comes out of your mouth will be low-fact after you state that you just found out “last night,” that Fraken was considered a potential Presidential candidate in 2020.  WTF?  Your clever insertion that the “Senate ethics Committee is where investigations go to die, right?”  also clearly indicates you have no idea what you are talking about, and the inclusion of the word “right?” as you look around for support, makes that apparent.

Schmuck on the left, who states the Senate Ethics Committee hasn’t found anyone guilty in 10 years:  That is correct.  They haven’t even had a serious fucking investigation into a Senator in six years, and that investigation was serious enough that they sent it up FBI.

“The flurry of activity is unusual for the panel, which until Thursday had not issued a press release since hiring a new staff director in 2014. The panel’s last major investigation focused on John Ensign, a Nevada Republican who resigned in 2011 after revelations that he had an affair with the wife of a top staffer.
Disclosure of the affair and Ensign’s actions to keep it quiet, including accusations that he helped the staffer find work as a lobbyist, resulted in investigations by the FBI, Federal Election Commission and the Senate. Ensign resigned as the two-year ethics investigation intensified.”


Before that the last investigation they had, which is I presume is the one you are referring to, was in 2008 when they admonished Sen Larry Craig for his weird men’s bathroom, looking-for-love assignations in a sting operation.

Schmuck on the right: Yes Clinton was all like “Al’s my friend…Al…Al,” when she was answering a question about AL. The very next fucking question, which you have miraculously forgotten, even though you listened to it three times, was back on the topic of women, in which Clinton outlines in no uncertain terms, her strong feeling about women and their difficulties at large and in the workplace with sexual harassment.  You asshole.

Here is the interview, pick it up at the end of the clip Fox news plays at 10:40.

Then for the pièce de résistance, the disgusting, underhanded way in which these “Fox and Friends” hosts throw out some innuendo and implications that the man who would presumably be inserted into Fraken’s seat, Keith Ellison, by the Minnesota Governor, is an extremist Muslim.

“They love the diversity word….first Muslim Senator… a lot of ties…to nation of Islam, Louis Farakhan, black nationalism, Muslim Brotherhood…anti-semitic remarks.”

We know what you are doing.  This is the kind of garbage that Trump would later on refer to as, “I don’t know, a lot of people are saying…people are telling me…”


Fuck you Fox news.

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