November 17, 2017

Oh Al.

Ya done messed up good.  /sigh

We don’t need to run through all the hypocrisy in detail.  Yes, Trump gave Roy Moore a pass, literally refusing to talk about it.  Sean Hannity managed to construct a way into giving Roy Moore a pass.  He then went to town on Al Franken tonight and segued into going after Bill and Hillary.  Which is super cool.

It’s sad, isn’t it?  Isn’t all of it sad and frustrating.  It’s unfair.

Life isn’t fair.

I’ll tell you what…it’s all going to be fine.  It’ll  take awhile to play out, but it’s all going to be fine.  This isn’t a groundswell from Hollywood transgressions, think about it.   Even the women that voted for Donald Trump would say, “Yeah he is a scumbag, but…”  but what?  Something good will come of his Presidency?  How’s that been working out?

This groundswell is from the actions of Donald Trump.  It’s been stuck in the collective conscience of American women for a year now.  It was indistinct, uncertain when the ground began to shake-there’s bad men out there.  It’s cause was uncertain when structures began to topple-there’s something systemically wrong.  It’s clear now, life can be unfair.  Things don’t happen like they ought to.  Trump was never what you prayed for.

Trump was supposed to be a mad savior.  Turns out he’s just mad.  He started this groundswell and maybe the women aren’t ready to go after him yet, or maybe…after today, some are rethinking that position at least politically.

Certainly, anyone could be made to pay for what they’ve done.  We’ll have satisfaction.  We’ll have justice.  We’ll have justice one at a time and then systemic justice.  O we know what’s coming in Congress.  Fox news shall have it’s little reckoning too. Then, the source of the unfairness and the realization that the focal point of the earthquake resides in the White House.

Trump shall not face his own sexual deviancy in this groundswell, but he will face a reckoning just the same.  I think the cult shall start turning away, led by their women.  His hypocrisy and madness is beyond any type of justification.  It’s pure madness.  The failings of Republican Congress are an extra slap in the face soon to be buttressed by Congressional abusive reckoning.

All of these shortcomings and defects in character are too much for even the casual observer to tolerate.  It may have re-emerged with Weinstein, but it’s ending with Trump.  Shit is going to go crazy beyond what we’ve dealt with already.  Our tolerance for insanity has been slowly increased week over week, and I think the coming weeks will take our breath away in comparison.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Democrats need to do exactly what they are doing, play every card correctly, as they are.  I pray to God they don’t try to overthink this.  Leave the erosion up to the Republicans and the women will take care of the rest.  The landscape will be reshaped like a house of falling cards in which there will be casualties of all types.

A brave new world, my friends.  Let’s not kid ourselves and think men aren’t going to continue to be animals, they’ll just be better at hiding it.



2 thoughts on “November 17, 2017

  1. I noticed a big difference between the republican response to accusations of sexual harassment and the Al Franken response. Franken admitted what was done, took full responsibility, apologise, had the apology accepted, called for an ethics investigation on himself. The event should be closed. The republicans on the other hand attacked the accusers, get lawyers, go after the woman personally. Come on be real here, Roy Moore was banned from a mall as an adult man for hitting on underage girls. He called one underage girl at her school and had her come to the phone from math class. These are things well attested too. The president admits he walked in on teenage girls in states of undress during a beauty pageant. We have his own statement of his actions with women. So I do not want to see any politician or TV show compare these things as equal. That is what normally happens and the democrats end up getting tarnished with the republicans actions. The response has not been equal nor is the republican response honorable. Hugs

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  2. I don’t think television should be reporting on what happens in court rooms, bedrooms, or congressional pulpits, I think that random americans are being given insight into a world that they are not mentally prepared to have an opinion on, I don’t think small towns of 600 can have an opinion on how business is done in a city of 12 million like new york city or washington dc or hollywood, i think what is acceptable to the big city man or woman is outright sadism to a small town country bum in terms of culture, i think sex is a part of life, i think sex is a communication tool between men and women, and men and men and women and women, i think that there are people that are not intelligent enough to have sex, for some reason i know about harvey wesinstein and i know he slept with some 50 women over 10 years as part of his production company, that’s hollywood business, that’s also the same city that is the capital of the world’s porn industry, i don’t think the east coast and the south and the midwest can pass judgement on a west coast culture that is heavily steeped in 18th century prostitution as during the gold rush the main expenditure of time on the west coast was sex and drinking liquor during the build up of the west, and that’s the west’s culture, it has sex embedded in it’s language, i think that sex is a small thing, it’s not a big thing, i think pregnancy is a big thing, and i think if people want to build character, and be better people they will have more sex with more people, i don’t think sex is a taboo subject, i just think most people have very little sex, know very little about sex, rarely have sex, so sex is big to them and those people, just not everyone

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