November 15, 2017

Oh baby, Trump is feeling it this morning!  Going to town on twitter with some groovy tweets.  He did not quote “Fox and Friends” for some pointers to congress on how to wrangle that challenging Tax reform thingie, but rest assured they shall get to it!  Trump did manage to plug the Propaganda network and take a stab at CNN.




Righteous.  He also moved the bar up (down?) a notch for self-absorbed twitter-twattery with this one, an instant classic:


Now, let’s cut to the chase on the Roy “the Evangelickerizer” Moore story.

  1. Trump isn’t going to say squat and we all know why.
  2. Sessions won’t act as a write-in for the seat, and hell I’m not even sure one is allowed to promote their own write-in anyways.  But…oh man would that be an elegant solution for Donny.
  3. Everyone needs to cool their jets and let this thing play out.  As satisfying as it would be to crucify the motherfucker, it will be much more satisfying to let him run in defiance and lose.  He could lose at this point.
  4. Sean Hannity, you have your answer, so don’t harp on it.

Speaking of Hannity, did he just turn shit to gold or what.  Oh yes he did.  Even CNN is referring to him on the issue.  He’s the one with the power to affect public opinion of Roy Moore.  Now how messed up is that?  You know what it’s like?  It’s like anyone talking about passing some type of gun reform and just kind of agreeing, nah we can’t do that, the NRA won’t go for that.  The NRA decides.  Newscaster often refer to it as just the obvious statement of fact and congresspeople refer to NRA’s desires as those of the “constituents” and what they say goes.  Same thing with Hannity.  How did a piece of shit, rabble-rouser become the moral authority in the course of a day?  I ask you.

Hannity has his answer from Roy Moore about “explaining himself within 24 hours”.  His lawyer told Hannity and everyone else what’s what: they are fighting and that’s that.  Hannity can reset his 24 hour clock if he wants, but he won’t because he has been made whole again and therefore doesn’t need to announce any other ultimatums.

It makes the most sense to Roy Moore to string this along without an actual confrontation.  I can guarantee you that this means a lot to Steve Bannon.  He can’t be made to look ineffectual yet again.  Trust me, he wants everyone to sit on their hands, because if Moore loses, Bannon can run with the narrative that this is a frame job and utilize that to galvanize the cult at midterms.  If everyone pushes this to a head and Moore is made to look the lying child molester that he is, Bannon may very well be done..unless…unless he jumps ship before such a time.  Even then, Bannon will be wounded.

A suggestion from me to you:  Do not ever ever ever watch Trump deliver a speech on high def TV while he’s using a super sensitive White House microphone.  It was like a front row seat for a 3D movie about clogged arteries.  Truly dreadful.  Don’t do it.  No.

2 thoughts on “November 15, 2017

  1. Hannity got the word for on high, advertisers don’t like covering for 30 plus yr old men who try to date and have sex with children. He changed his tune quick. Hugs

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