November 14, 2017

Soon Trump shall be back in the White House. Wearing a fluffy robe, drinking coffee, and taking mental notes on policy issues he gleans from watching “Fox and Friends” in the morning. I am confident there will be major segments on tax reform issues tomorrow on Fox News. I am also confident that Trump will be tweeting out his new found wisdom on the subject approximately 35 minutes later.

“Fox and Friends” this morning was incredibly light on news reporting, even spun or slanted news reporting. There simply wasn’t anything worth reporting for four hours. So they did some in depth personal pieces and some remote site, goofy piece I couldn’t figure out. It really looked more like “The View” than a news program. There were just too many bad narratives floating around in the universe, none of which furthered any Fox agenda, so they simply didn’t report on any of those distractions. The cult members can think of that as an added benefit-having their news censored on their behalf.

Things we might be forgetting:

DACA is still nowhere near resolved. Paul Ryan flatly stated tonight it will not be tied into tax reform or any other year end packages. It must stand alone…except that Republicans discussing the matter, cloistered away in private from the pesky Democrats, are discussing what they will tie to DACA. In that regards it won’t stand alone. You see how that works. Even though it was struck down alone without rhyme or reason by this useless administration, it will not be allowed to live again without some chains attached to it by which we can appropriate funds for immigration enforcement programs. I don’t doubt some of these ideas may be completely valid, but using the DACA people as bargaining chips is inhuman. We already made a promise to them that we should have been living up to, especially considering they are clearly to all of our benefit, not a liability.  I fucking hate Republicans at this point.

“Ryan’s all-Republican working group on DACA has been airtight on its deliberations, and activists have privately expressed concern over its composition, as it includes moderates like Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.) and Will Hurd (Texas), but also immigration hard-liners like House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (Va.).
Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), a member of the powerful, conservative Freedom Caucus, gave reporters Thursday a preview of what the working group deal could include.
According to Brat, conservative Republicans would consider voting in favor of DACA relief as part of a deal that included efforts to discourage chain migration, expansion of the E-Verify system to become mandatory and the elimination of the diversity visa program.”

What we shall have attached to tax reform, is another attempt by the Senate to critically undermine the ACA by doing away with the individual mandate as suggested by Donny in his tweet last night. This is so so wrong headed…here we go anyway. Not only is it outlandish, it’s a sure way to make the bill unpassable. All I can say is, WTF really?

CHIP is still not resolved. The healthcare plan for 9 million poor children, that was simply allowed to die by Congress, because they couldn’t bother to fund it. Again, Republicans are considering allowing it to live, but only if they can tie to it to…once again, attacking the ACA by pilfering cash from the ACA public health fund, which would likely cause hundreds of thousands to lose their insurance. I mean it’s just not right to pass a reasonable social bill unless some group of people can be made to suffer. Sounds Christian to me.

“But the House’s bill is deceptive: It’s an old proposal, littered with poison pills, that has no chance of passing. In reality, legislators have done almost nothing to save CHIP since their failure in September; the House bill may actually set reauthorization back by weeks. And the country may not see any resolution on this matter until the end of the year—in time to save the program before a widespread collapse, but not in time to stave off possible damage or coverage losses.”

Puerto Rico is still a disaster, we just don’t talk about it.

There has been zero movement on dealing with the Iran Nuclear Agreement, or lack there of.

“A top Senate Republican is shelving draft legislation that would have triggered nuclear-related sanctions back on Iran over its ballistic missile activity, acknowledging it cannot garner the 50 votes required for passage and would ostracize foreign allies, The Jerusalem Post has learned.”

Republicans often show little ability to govern.  That’s 50% principled obstinacy and 50% of historically being the obstructing party.  These guys just can’t do it.  As I outlined some time ago, inaction was in many ways the only thing they could do or would want to do and the beneficiary of their inability to govern will be Steve Bannon and the general idea that wild, wanton, wholesale destruction is the best thing the cult members and evangelicals can think to offer as a form of governance going forward.



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