November 13, 2017

Trump is returning home from his wildly successful Pacific tour and I’m certain Congress is absolutely delighted about the prospect of Trump cracking his knuckles and getting down to the serious business of tweeting about tax reform.

This is a nightmare about to come true for Republican Congressmen.



I had mentioned sometime before, this would not be a welcome sight to Republicans.  I had also listed every tweet Trump made to casually insert himself into the Repeal and Replace debacle, which played a part in it’s ultimate failure.  Here.

Once Donny gets back into his usually routine, I expect “Fox and Friends” to do segments each morning about things that they think would be great ideas to insert into tax reform and have Donny tweet out some directives around 35 minutes later.  Great fun will be had by all.  And hey, what else does Fox news have to talk about with nearly all current, relevant news being topics they are going to avoid at all costs.  They could go back and do some NFL stories again as Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys is creating a little stir.

Speaking of Fox, I checked in on Schmuck Hannity’s twitter to get my update on whatever kind of deviltry he’s up to this afternoon, and got this:


Booooo!  Boo I say…booooooooooooooooo.

Would be funny if it were in response to this tweet I made about his cult followers gleefully busting up their own appliances as a sacrifice on the Hannity alter of righteousness:


Which I think is hysterically funny…but more likely it’s because of this one:


That’s a little more mean spirited, but ended up being entirely accurate as Hannity opened up his show tonight full of anger for the company Mediamatters and their concerted effort to have sponsors drop him for the shitty things he says.  Yes, it’s a massive “leftist” conspiracy to Hannity; attacking his free speech and by extension, the free speech of all Americans!  I’m actually not sure now that it will supplant his fixation with Hillary Clinton, but it’s a nice little side dish for him.


If I were the Trumps, I wouldn’t play it smug on sidestepping Donny Jr.’s multiple contacts with Wikileaks.  Yes, the leaked Wikileaks (how ironic) conversations with Jr., make Wikileaks look really really bad.  This proves they are bad actors and not the freedom fighters they like to portray themselves to be.  They never wanted transparency in everyone else.  They wanted limelight for themselves.  Who ever doubted that?  The fact that we have just one example of their attempts to meddle in the process of a democracy is, in and of itself, proof enough.

Here’s the deal for the Trumps though: when we can all agree that Wikileaks are bad actors on the world stage, that puts the heat on Wikileaks.  When any of the investigations prove team Trump acted in any type of coordination with them, that will make them guilty by association at the least.  This isn’t the end of the Wikileaks story; it is the beginning.  I wouldn’t feel safe with any association with them right now merely because they are proven to be the bad guys we all knew they were.

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