November 11, 2017

There appears to be something of a groundswell for sanity in the Republican Party in regards to Roy Moore, nationally speaking anyway.  Locally in Alabama, there might be some support for either pushing back the election or keeping Luther Strange in the Senate seat until the end of the full term.  Anything but allowing an actual election in which a Democrat might have a chance to win.

I’m concerned for the mental stability of the Trump cult members who may be finding it increasing difficult to scrounge about for narratives that keep them cozy and safe in an ever decreasing echo chamber.  What will they do when they have to face reality?  Need a psychologist to lay down probabilities.

I actually, honestly, truly think that these tweets are Trump’s response to losing the limelight to Roy Moore.



Dude can’t stand it if he’s not the central focus of our national attention.  He’s yelling, “Yooo hooooo!!!  Look at me.  I’m the original scary dude and rightful source of all of your concern.  ME ME ME!”

Did you ever think we’d be placing our trust in the reasonable reactions of North Korea’s despot leader over our own “President”?  Did you ever think we’d hear our “President” say he trusts Putin over the positions of our own government?  Here we are my friends.

Here we are…unwilling passengers in the psychoclown-bus to crazytown.


Whoa whoa whoa there homedawgs.  Contrary to my lamenting in yesterday’s post that Hannity would not pay for his crudiness, a couple advertisers did in fact pull support from the “Clinton Conspiracy News Hour with Sean Hannity” today.  Unbelievable.  Seems they were not willing to rationalize Hannity’s guests’ dismissal of his attempt to justify Roy Moore’s eligibility to remain in running for the Senate, as his own rational viewpoint…since it was presented on his show. That means the advertisers are judging him alone on his intent.  That’s a tough mountain to climb, but these advertisers did it.


Would be cool if others follow, but I’ll take this as a start.  Hannity is put on notice.  Let’s see how he responds.

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