Sean Hannity Crumbles

Sean Hannity interviews Roy Moore and gives him every chance to not sound like a liar on his podcast.  Hannity feeds him information about others wrongly accused and helps to present a massive conspiracy against Moore by the hated Liberals. In the end…Roy Moore sounds like a pathetic liar.

…Later that evening Hannity brings three guests on to discuss his interview with Roy Moore after listening to the recording of the interview on his Fox News show.  Gregg Jarret, Geraldo Rivera, and Rebecca Woodland.  Three standard Fox talking heads.  One at a time, they each honestly say, they had an open mind before the recording, but afterwards they are all convinced he is most likely guilty of being a pedophile.  Hannity absolutely crumbled.

Trying desperately to lead them into believing that, “we need to wait for all the facts to come in,” and “let’s not be quick to judge, mainstream media has made these types of errors before.”  Hannity rattles off a couple of totally unrelated instances in which people were misjudged by many media outlets.  His guests were unmoved.

Hannity switches over to bashing the mainstream media and asks Geraldo Rivera, “Do you think Bill Clinton was a sexual predator?”  As if that has any fucking thing to do with his three guests refusal to prop up the “Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty narrative,” and the sudden, shockingly cold water being thrown in the face of the Fox News cult members on live TV.

Here’s the thing…I agree that Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but he isn’t in a court of law, is he?  He’s not going to be in a court of law for this accusation, is he?  No.  What he is in, is the court of public opinion.  He’s running for a public office.  If he has shown a tendency to disregard the law because he believes he is above it, which he has, and if he stutters and gives conflicting answers to his relationships with young girls in this interview, which he does, and then goes on to blame everyone else because it’s a massive liberal conspiracy, which he did..then I’m going to pass judgement in the court of public opinion that he is not fit to serve this nation.  Apparently Hannity’s three guests felt the same way.

It’s actually kind of a let down that his guests didn’t tow the line, because now, even though Hannity is trying his best to smooth over Moore’s dalliances, he will not be judged for being the crud he is.  Hannity will get a pass because his guests are at least honest and therefore- his show presented an accurate judgement of Roy Moore’s interview.  Had they followed the narrative, I’m thinking some advertisers would have had a hard time justifying a relationship with fucking Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity has single-handedly done a lot of damage to this country that I pray he will someday be held to account for.  Tomorrow is most likely not that day.

It’s astounding that due to the sudden influx of sexual harassment allegations that Fox talking heads have found a little religion.  To think where we would have been if they found honesty to the obvious one year ago.

All this aside, there’s a good chance Alabama while still elect Roy Moore to represent them in the Senate, unless there is sudden and overwhelming consensus in both Congress and Public sentiment that this man is not fit to serve.

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