November 9, 2017

Trump’s long time confident, bodyguard, and in-house thug, Keith Schiller testifies before congress that…yeah sure, someone offered to send a gaggle of hookers up to Trump’s room during the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Russia as reported in the discredited somewhat verified looking more like the gospel truth everyday, Steele Dossier.  But of course it was turned down, Trump had a good laugh about it, and then Schiller left and has “no knowledge” of what happened after that.  Emmm K.

If this follows the established slow, begrudging, forced confirmation of truth that comes out of this administration on anything Russia related, it’ll shape up like this:

“This is all fake news!!!”  check.

“Yeah, they offered to send the girls up, but we turned them down.” check.

“Ok…ok  the girls came up to talk about their modeling careers, they weren’t hookers, believe me.  Nothing happened.”

“They were hookers, that’s true, but we only spoke about the US-Russia adoption program.  Believe me.”

“Ok ok, they peed on the bed while Trump jerked off, but the bed was covered with a water proof tarp.  I swear to God.”

Hey, who really cares about the actual details…I don’t.  It would be funny if true.  The only thing that matters is if Trump or his administration is compromised.

I still do believe that Russia has compromising information about Trump that they will release at the proper time through various sources when they are good and ready.  The midterm or in 2020 would be an ideal time to inject further instability into our Democratic process.


This whole Rand Paul getting tackled by his neighbor, Renee Boucher, over some dispute that no one seems clear on, is awful odd.  The attacker’s lawyer says it’s because of a dispute over some adjoining lands and Paul’s lawyer says it is not.  Everyone’s pretty much mum other than agreeing it was a “personal” issue…except…Paul himself tweets out some mishmash Breitbart story that quotes one neighbor as saying Paul is a difficult neighbor:

“Jim Skaggs paints a picture of Paul as a libertarian property rights zealot who “was probably the hardest person to encourage to follow the (homeowner’s association regulations) of anyone out here because he has a strong belief in property rights.”

The article goes on to quote other neighbors as stating Paul was a lovely person to share their closed community with.  How the hell this clarifies anything or what it’s supposed to tell us, I don’t know.  Why wouldn’t a sitting Senator want to come out and address this kind of outrage directly?  WTF is this?  Weird.

I can tell you from experience, broken rib(s) are a world of hurt.  It’s painful as shit and it takes forever to heal satisfactorily.  Rand Paul is a complete knucklehead for sure, but I don’t wish broken ribs on anyone.

I expect Fox news to drum up the narrative that this is an attack by those vicious democrats…and see!! this proves they’re all violent!


Roy Moore, the bible thumping, gun totting, non law-fearing nominee to fill Jeff Beauregard “southern belle” Sessions III empty seat in the Senate, is in a bit of trouble.  Seems a couple women have come forward to state he had non-consensual or inappropriate, sexual encounters with them when they were young-although 3 of the 4 of them were of legal age; with one of them at the age of 14 (16 is the legal age in ol’ ‘Bama, go figure).  Now is this actually disqualifying?  It would have been 2 years ago, but unless someone actually finds a way to file charges, Trump has set a precedent that it is not.  Doesn’t matter how many women come forward.  Hell, it doesn’t even matter if the accused pretty much admits it and displays endless, verifiable, shit-filled attitudes about women.  It’s all ok, man.

Republican Congressmen are in a hard place aren’t they?  Can’t stick-up for a deranged lunatic that’s going to derail their agenda.  Can’t support a guy being backed by Steve Bannon, who is an anarchist hell bent on blowing up our entire government.  But, can they support Moore’s removal only to have his seat filled by a Democrat?

To their credit, a good amount of Republican Congressmen have come forward to say, “If proven true, this is unacceptable and Moore should remove himself from running for Senate.”  Now, who is going to prove it to be true, hm?

For his part, Moore has called this “fake news” and said it was being fabricated by his democratic enemies.  Right out of the Trump handbook.  Most likely, this is up to the Republican party in Alabama to remove Moore from the ticket, but it’s unclear if that can be done now as absentee ballots have already gone out and a time limit for removal has already passed.

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