November 8, 2017

Pointing out the inadequacies or wrong-headed thinking of Trump’s “policies” is one thing, recounting the sheer stupidity of Trump’s daily statements/twitterings is another. Honestly, we get no satisfaction from dissecting or discussing just how stupid Trump is, because it doesn’t affect any change in the 32%. The 32% that still have faith in Trump, will always have faith in Trump, no matter what. To us, the stupid thing he said today or said the day before or will say tomorrow, is just one more on the ridiculously giant pile of clustershitfuckery of stupid things he says. Do we honestly think one of the 32% is going to say, “Everything else Trump did is alright by me, but this one…schwoooo boy, this one takes the cake! I don’t know what I was thinking before. Dude is obviously deranged.”

Nah. Not going to happen.

That being said, we do need to be mindful of the dumbass shit Trump does, because it does have an effect on how the world views Trump, and by extension- how the world views the US.

Idiot Trump suggests to the Japanese that they try building their cars in the US, and then asks, “Is that possible, Is that rude to ask, is that rude to ask?  I don’t think so.”

Yes it is rude, but worse: it’s stupid.  The Japanese build nearly 70% of the cars they sell to the US, in the US…you fucking idiot.  How could he not know that?  Everyone else knows the Japanese build their cars here.  It’s a big deal every time they open up a new plant here.  I know that…and no one is paying me to know crap like that.  It’s the kind of thing a President is supposed to know.  Knowing stuff is what keeps a President from saying stupid shit.


Trump gives a speech warning anyone that wants to mess with the US, it won’t end nice for them.  He says, “Every once in awhile in the past, they underestimated us, it was not pleasant for them.”  Trump gives this speech in Japan. in Japan.  Japan.

What do our Neighbors learn from Trump’s speeches and twitterings and policies?

1. He is rude.

2. He is stupid.

3. He has ideas that are counterproductive to his own Nation and ours.

This would have a work-around if the entire administration wasn’t staffed with unqualified people at the top positions…and totally understaffed otherwise.  It must be difficult for foreign governments to figure out whom it is the need to talk to for straight information.  This only helps Trump’s overall position of attempting to isolate America from the world.  I am guessing many foreign entities and governments often just “give up” when it comes to communicating with our government.

I don’t understand how it seems a noble and just cause to so isolate us.  The world is truly becoming more global as a consequence of our social nature, our advancing technology, and as a product of the nature of commerce.  Money is like flowing water seeking the path of least resistance.

The Japanese build cars in the US because that is the simplest solution to the problem of distribution.  It’s that simple.  Further, trade imbalances are not, in and of themselves, something to be avoided at all costs Donny.  Buying all of our junk at Walmart because it’s so damn cheap gives us greater purchasing power and thereby a higher standard of living.  Every foreign government worth their salt, uses their cash on hand to invest in US stocks, bonds, and US treasury notes.  This both fuels US companies and finances our debt.  It’s a complex web we cannot undo no matter how hard we try.

This is why, no matter how much coal we dig up, no matter how much we legislate it or attempt to finance it, it will never ever ever be as cheap as natural gas and that’s why we don’t have a coal industry any longer.  We don’t have it because we’re not supposed to.  Not to mention the fact that our weaning from fossil fuels is a foregone conclusion, whether we believe in global warming or not (it’s not like choosing to not believe in santa claus, I promise you) .  That was written in the book of time from the moment a dinosaur waded into a tar pit.  There’s only x amount of dinosaurs that took a swim in x amount of tar pits and therefore only x amount of shit to burn.  The Chinese will be more than happy to fill the void we leave by not advancing the cause of renewable energy ourselves.  They’ll be ready and waiting to supply the entire world with the lucrative sale of the technologies that we don’t possess.

We’re stuck with Trump for x amount of time.  I hope the 32% understands, we don’t have to “give him a chance.”  If your dog Rusty, or whatever his name is, got elected as President of the damn United States of America, we wouldn’t “give him a chance.”  We would be 100% certain that Rusty would shit on the rugs of the White house, hump some foreign dignitaries leg (so embarrassing, so sorry), and have no idea what any legislation means as he puts his paw print on it, but he would be excited by all of the attention…for sure he would.  We’re not giving Rusty “a chance.”  Of course not.  He’s a damn dog.   Our expectations are pretty much set and he would meet them according to his nature.

What we do have to do is suffer him.  We are resigned to this fact.  If he manages to do something not horrible, that’s great….that’s a damn bonus right there.  What we don’t have to do is join in the illusion.  We’re not required to and it makes no difference to what the obvious outcomes will be.




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