Fox News-Trump ultimate circle jerk

Fox News-Trump circle jerk taken to new levels of mutual masturbation.

The Intercept is reporting that CIA director Mike Pompeo had met with professional conspiracy theorist and Fox news regular, William Binney at the suggestion of Trump, to discuss the concept that the leaked DNC emails from 2016 were in fact an inside job…not the Russians.

“In an interview with The Intercept, Binney said Pompeo told him that President Donald Trump had urged the CIA director to meet with Binney to discuss his assessment that the DNC data theft was an inside job. During their hour-long meeting at CIA headquarters, Pompeo said Trump told him that if Pompeo “want[ed] to know the facts, he should talk to me,” Binney said.”

The revelation that this meeting happened is having Sean Hannity creaming in his polyester slacks, no doubt.  Now he can once again dredge up the “Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC after leaking the emails” story and declare it’s not his fault he has to report on this very vital, EXPLOSIVE proof of what he’s wanted the cult members to believe all along.  Despite the fact it was declared a botched robbery by the DC police and…and Seth Rich’s family begged him to stop using their son to further his shit-fuck-whacked conspiracy theories.

Fox new’s original, non-partial verification of this bizarre story came from Fox News guest Rod Wheeler, whom confirmed the information…confirmed he was given it from Fox news themselves.

“But Tuesday afternoon, Wheeler told CNN he had no evidence to suggest Rich had contacted Wikileaks before his death. Wheeler instead said he only learned about the possible existence of such evidence through the reporter he spoke to for the story. He explained that the comments he made to WTTG-TV were intended to simply preview Fox News’ Tuesday story. The WTTG-TV news director did not respond to multiple requests for comment. “I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News,” Wheeler told CNN.”

Now that this fabrication is again being discussed by none other than the CIA, it must have some validity, despite the fact that once again it is because of Fox news itself that the story has any legs at all.

“A senior intelligence source confirmed that Pompeo met with Binney to discuss his analysis, and that the CIA director held the meeting at Trump’s urging.”

“It is possible Trump learned about Binney and his analysis by watching Fox News, where Binney has been a frequent guest, appearing at least 10 times since September 2016. In August, Binney appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show to discuss his assessment that the narrative of Russia hacking the DNC during the 2016 campaign is untrue, stating that “many people are emotionally tied to this agenda, to tie the Russians to President Trump.” Binney said he is not sure how Trump found out about his analysis.”

Ya think?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is no stiff when it comes to conspiracy theories himself.

Cool right?  Another goober amongst a bevvy of goobers are running the country. : )

I don’t know for a fact that Sean Hannity is going to run with this story tonight, because he did promise Seth Rich’s family he’d stop fucking with them, but the temptation has to be incredibly hard to resist.  If he does, I expect “Fox and friends” to run it the following morning as “quoting Hannity” and then Trump could tweet about it after seeing it on “Fox and Friends” and the circle jerk session would be complete.

Moist towelettes for everyone.

That our government is being used to help further smoke screens and give Donnie a feel good is bad enough.  This combined with the DOJ pronouncement today that the AT&T and Time Warner merger could only go through if they divest themselves of CNN or DirectTv, should concern everyone how our government is becoming the retribution organization for Trump Inc.


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