November 1, 2017

Trump is inserting himself into more difficulties via twitter, per usual.  His desire to create a militaristic and nativist state is unrelenting.  It’s becoming a trial to keep track of who made which concerning statement in this administration, as well as all of the actions, both overt and undercover of the distractions, that are made by this administration to change the very nature of our democracy.

Recently, the Chief of Staff’s comments about the Civil War were very concerning.  Sarah Sander’s (The Minister of Propaganda) pronouncements from the lectern have been very concerning.  And generally any statement Trump makes about a terror event or lack of thoughtful statement about domestic terror events are very concerning.

This tweet at 7:24 (and subsequent similar tweets):


Was directly inspired by this Fox and Friends segment at 7:09:

Even though this is an oversimplification of the process and a disingenuous portrayal of all the parties involved…even if just Chuck Schumer or just the Democrats are entirely responsible for the creation of the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program,” it is not the Visa that made this man kill people.  There is no visa program we can create that inhibits people from allowing evil into their hearts.  There is no nation or religion we can ban that will protect us from evil.  The overwhelming majority of our evil is born right here at home and the great majority of the few foreign-born residents that undertake terror here, are radicalized here.

The idea of wanting a wider representation of the world’s people coming to live in our country is a noble idea and one that does not have a place in the Administration’s nativistic desires at all…and therefore is anathema to them.  Count on Fox news to drive home this point for us in the person of the self-proclaimed terrorist expert and Trump lackey, Gorka:

I fucking hate this guy.  Thank God at least one of the Fox newscasters had enough understanding of the topic to somewhat direct him, that he was talking about some of the ancient ideas that are rarely promoted in any sect of Islam.  Gorka manages to whitewash all of Islam with very selective facts and babbles his way through history with zero actual understanding of Islam.  Not to mention Islam’s historical intersection with Christianity and it’s less than stellar past, as well as just about any damn book of the old testament we can point to for the very same war-like and wrong-headed beliefs.  The thing is, Trump cult members eat this shit up..and then they check the twitterer in chief, and yup, Donny is miraculously on the same page and he’ll save us from that war-mongering, anti-christian religion known as Islam.

I covered before this administrations budgetary efforts to: diminish our social programs as well as global social programs, underfund our education and housing programs, and destroy or healthcare and environment,  so that there may be more funding for our military.  The budget that just passed, does just this.  If it isn’t part of the military, it’s getting cut my friends.  This administration clearly wants our involvement in the world to be based around military action, and our interaction with non-whites to be confrontational at best.  It’s not a dog whistle anymore…they’re saying it, allowing it, right out in the open.

Whereas the time to attack foreigners is right here and now…managing the absurd amount of guns we polish and brandish…that time has neither come nor gone…it simply never arises.  That time will never come.  It’s our God given right as damn Americans to kill each other willfully and indiscriminately.  It’s in the Constitution and it says so right there.

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    This is a blog I recently started following. The posts are well written and backed up with facts. There is no doubts about what the author of the posts is trying to express. I recommend after you read this post which I enjoyed , that you check out some of the others on the blog. You will find on most of the recent ones a comment from me as I have similar views as the writer of the blog does on the subject of tRumpsky. As always be well. Hugs

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