First charges filed in Mueller probe

Don’t know who it is yet.  But I have to say, this is way ahead of the internal schedule I was working on.  Expect this to be the first domino.  This can still take over a year and ultimately may not even touch Trump himself, so don’t get to excited yet.


So far “Grand jury approves the first charges” is the language used by CNN.  which makes me wonder if more dominoes will be falling in succession.  This implies probable cause.  Has to be Manafort or close associate.  Let’s see.

Charges are sealed.  So we may not find out who it is for a little bit. Could be waiting for an arrest or may be being held up to grab other people.  speculation : )

Trump/Fox recent, ratcheted up attempts to undermine the investigation are now seen in a whole new light.  Expect an immediate battle of some sort.  The Trump/Fox machine is going to need to spin this fast.

Now I’m also starting to wander in Mueller’s timeline was sped up a little, to forestall the administrations attempt to undermine him.  He could have been sitting on an easy indictment, in order to get his other ducks in a row…and now had to get something filed earlier than anticipated.  Just something to think about : )


This makes Dana Boente’s resignation really interesting doesn’t it?  Pretty sure he got a heads up, no doubt.  It can’t be a coincidence that his resignation and the filed charges happen on the same day.  Chances are some forthcoming trials from the Mueller investigation would end up in his jurisdiction, now who is going to want to take his job? and anyone that does want that job,  and Trump sends to congress for confirmation…would congress confirm them?  so, in other words Boente is either going to have to stay on for some time, or Congress would be willing to confirm someone who would do Trump’s bidding.  Am I seeing that right?

Maybe he announced his resignation, knowing that he would be stuck, and is already stating through resignation that he has nothing to lose and isn’t going to be swayed or appearing to lean politically, one way or the other.  No idea.


Currently, Fox news isn’t even talking about it.  They’re still talking about Hillary Clinton.  Go figure.

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