October 23, 2017

As far as I can tell, this is Trump’s schedule for today:

“President Donald Trump will greet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, meet with him, and have a working luncheon with him. The President and Prime Minister will then give joint statements.

Later in the afternoon, the President will present the Medal of Honor.”

Trump tweets at 7:53am

Two dozen NFL players continue to kneel during the National Anthem, showing total disrespect to our Flag & Country. No leadership in NFL! 

To bolster this Fox and Friends segment at 7:09am:

“A call was put out”…and “people are saying” we should all boycott the NFL on 11/11.  I found who the “people” are: Mainstreet Patriots, headed by Debbie Dooley.

National tea party movement co-founder, Debbie Dooley states, “These rallies are inclusive, non-partisan, and open to anyone supporting President Trump…”  Her inclusive, non-partisan website has a feed to Trump’s twitterings and unabashedly supports any dumb-ass thing he says.  Debbie Dooley protesting CNN for their biased, unfair!!! reporting on Trump’s behalf. >

“This time it was joined by The Media Equality Project, a group started recently by two former talk show hosts who are friends with conservative commentator Sean Hannity.   One of the organizers — Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Tea Party activist group Main Street Patriots — said her group was outside CNN a month ago and would be back in August and September.”

Those are the “people” desperate to keep this story relevant along with the help of Fox news.

In her Brietbart news interview, she mentioned:

“We are not Democrats or Republicans, we are simply fans,” and, “I urge patriotic Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights and boycott the NFL and their sponsors,” Dooley said.

That’s hysterical and has to be a poster child for the word irony.


This past Sunday 22nd, about one week after Bill Browder helped push a law in Canada, similar to the US Magnitsky act, Russia managed to get Bill Browder’s name on Interpol’s wanted list.  This is the fifth time Putin has attempted this.  Don’t doubt this is direct retaliation against Browder for the creation of the Magnitsky act, which the US, Britain and now Canada have versions of.

Magnitsky himself was killed in a Russian prison.  Other people involved in this story have, throughout the past couple years, been shot, poisoned, and thrown off buildings.  What do you think Putin would like to do if he could have Browder extradited back to Russia, hm?

This story is kind of an overview of everything so far about Russia’s interests in the US.  Highlighted with a big ol’ sharpy and exclamation points, because the very day Russia got Browder’s name on the Interpol list, is the very same day the US inexplicably revoked his Visa to the US.

“Yes. My US Global Entry was revoked on the same day and United wouldn’t let me board a flight to US b/c of visa problems”

“Russia used loophole called a diffusion notice to bypass Interpol HQ to get warrant for me after 4 prior rejections”

“Couldn’t get more absurd. Russian authorities are accusing me & unknown MI6 agent of murdering Sergei Magnitsky”

“Not only did Putin add me to the Interpol list, but the US simultaneously revoked my visa. explains”

I could try to type out all of what’s going on here.  Trust me when I say, pretty much all of the big players in the whole “Russia Collusion” story are involved.  To get an idea what is going on, you need to read Bill Browder’s prepared statement for his congressional interview regarding Russian interference.  This is required reading.  There’s no clear answer as to why his Visa was revoked, other than possibly coordinated spite (between Putin and Trump administration).  This can easily be shrugged off by Homeland Security.  I can think of several ways to justify it and deny any wrong doing.

Outside of that, when you read his statement, it will all be clear…pretty much.


ADDED 3:10 Pm.  John McCain calling for an immediate review of how Browder’s visa came to be revoked.

Shit’s moving fast.  I get the feeling this is going to be updated several times today : )





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