October 19, 2017

Trump did not use the hole is in his schedule to start a new mess or to defend himself from all the attacks yesterday, he sent out Sarah Sanders instead.  Which was a good move.  The goldstar family situation has octopus legs right now.  Fox is in full defensive mode; throwing the kitchen sink into burying, deflecting, and denying wrong-doing on Trump’s behalf in this one.  Hannity was literally foaming at the mouth last night (at 8:50 mark).

You heard it here first, you can’t report the news unless you donate money.  Even then, you shouldn’t be dissing his holiness. : )

Fox news regularly “reports” an emotive narrative instead of fact based reporting.  In this case, it’s clearly a diversionary tactic.  It’s the “oh yeah, well what about…”, that both Fox and Trump employ to turn any honest discussion sideways.

Trump back to quoting Fox news late last night and this morning.  I bet Trump could not wait to find solace in Hannity last night.  Trump tweets this at 11:03pm last night:

After this 9:08 mention by Hannity(at 8:25 mark):


It is worth noting that Hannity and “Fox and Friends” are the #1 cable shows in their timeslots.  Their entire deriding “mainstream media” schtick is beyond silly.  That in mind, the answer to this poll question should be 100% that sometimes mainstream media makes up stories about Trump.  Right?  Even CNN and MNBC give platform to some made-up news, if we consider the many divergent viewpoints they allow to be expressed on their shows.  So, 100%.  More on this poll later…

This Trump tweet at 7:17am:

Comes from this “Fox and Friends” segment at 6:02am ( I believe I also saw this at a relative time on Fox and friends in the 7-8am hour but all “Fox and Friends” videos have been scrubbed from Youtube today..except this one I managed to grab.  I don’t know why, never saw this before.  They might find mine too, let’s see if it disappears). (at 1:30 mark)


Very loosely wound narrative that has one question asked by one senator conflated into the most important thing everyone in the Senate Judiciary Committee was concerned about when questioning Jeff Sessions.  This story has been Hannity’s -bread and butter, “oh yeah, well what about…”, diversionary tactic for over a year.  He talks about it literally every night.  There certainly could be some wrong doing here.  It’s been under investigation for years.  I just wouldn’t go to Fox news to learn anything about it.

As far as the questioning of Sessions by the Judiciary Committee yesterday, one of the biggest stories is actually, for people that are concerned about our politicians, is this continuing use of a quasi-executive privilege defense that has literally zero basis in constitutional law or congressional history and the smug, smarmy-ass way the southern belle Sessions repeatedly delivered it .  I don’t understand why the Judiciary Committee is sitting there and accepting it.  Definitely not a good precedent to have established and they’re going to regret letting this slide with Sessions twice now.

This tweet:

I believe was mentioned on “Fox and Friends” in the 7-8am timeslot, but all of today’s Fox and Friends videos have been effectively scrubbed from youtube, don’t know why.  At any rate, this is truly a puzzler.  We all know it’s yet another diversionary tactic from Trump, but still…I don’t understand why Fusion GPS has bothered to make a political issue out of this..I can’t see this working out well.

That House Intelligence Chairman Nunes has been a downright douchebag, when it comes to his perpetual interference and undermining of the very investigation he is or was(?) supposed to be running, is without question.



…This shit is honestly….unbelievable : (

However, Fusion GPS, which had no problem whatsoever testifying before the Senate version of this investigation for 10 hours and declaring…go ahead and publish the transcripts, should not have bothered to point out what a fucked up investigation is going on over at the house, which they did:

“Josh Levy, an attorney for Fusion, blasted the Intelligence committee and Nunes following Wednesday’s session.
“No American should have to experience today’s indignity. No American should be required to appear before Congress simply to invoke his constitutional privileges,” Levy told TheDC.
“But that is what Chairman Nunes did today with our clients at Fusion GPS, breaking with the practice of his committee in this investigation. The committee has not imposed this requirement on any other witness, including the president’s men.”
He called the committee’s “disparate treatment” of the Fusion partners “an abuse of power and unethical.”
He also accused “the Trump cabal” of carrying out a campaign to “demonize” Fusion GPS over its ties to the dossier.
“Any attempt to change either the narrative or a congressional committee’s focus will not change the facts, which we hope all serious investigators will learn,” Levy concluded.”

Man, that’s some strong stuff.  Should have just declared the fifth and flatly stated, “we’re more than happy to work with the senate.”  Instead, they are now going to be embroiled in politics.


So, back to that poll data.  here’s the thing about numbers, they can be made to reflect whichever position you desire and factually be correct, if you have the right kind of statisticians working for you : )  You can work any angle you desire and the numbers can be made to support your position.

In the case of this data, reported by Politico and generated by the company, Morning Consult, there was no nefarious design by which the pollsters sought to manipulate the data.  They actually did a really really good job of getting a fine cross section of Americans.  I mean the numbers look evenly disbursed across age, income, political leanings, education…everything.  It looks great.


“Based on what you know”, is of course a subjective question and it is worded correctly.  As I said above, if I personally consider Fox news and every guest CNN or MNBC has had on, I have to answer, “yes”.  So in that case what may be an exception, proves the rule.  That makes this faulty data that is not clearly representing my intent.  Also as far as I know, Fast food joints make food that is bad for you.  Does that mean all of their food is bad?  Does that mean ALL fast food joints make bad food?  Does that mean that I eat bad food from fast food joints?  Nope.  Similarly, noting the presence of made-up stories does not mean that I consume them or imply any effect.

That being said, the real problem with this data, is the pool itself, even though the distribution looked great.  What is not taken into account is something we already intuitively know.  People are, for the most part, drawn to the news sources that most reflect what they already believe.  We often seek reinforcement of the way we would like things to be.  if the number one narrative of Fox news, day and night, is “don’t trust what anyone else is telling you because it’s fake, the only one you can trust is us,” then you’re going to get numbers like this:

People polled( directly lifted from Morning Consult’s raw data):


Good looking numbers right?  Now how did they answer the question about made-up news by this category?


People that voted for Donald Trump, heavily skewed the answer to this question to the “Fake News!” angle by… an overwhelming amount.  Now where do you think they get their news?

Don’t trust numbers.

5 thoughts on “October 19, 2017

  1. I wonder if House Intelligence Chairman Nunes is involved with the Russians in some way. He sure has made himself look like he is desperate to stop the investigation. The reason Jeff Sessions, along with other members of the administration, gets away with this crap is because the republicans are blocking any and all attempts to force more testimony or to take action to stop the dodging. The republicans in congress are desperate for that tax cut for the wealthy, and business have already told them if they don’t get the cuts to their tax requirements then the GOP gets cut off from any funding. So they need to keep tRumpsky and crew to try to get the task down. Once that is done I think we will see a big change in how the republicans deal with tRumpsky. He will not be needed and I think he will be in deep trouble. Hugs

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    1. Strange goings on for sure. There’s lots of things that just aren’t right. Nunes being one of them. What about that Chaffetz fellow? so much smells rotten about that weasal. Pivotal in the discussion of ending the newly inacted protections for Bears Ears national monument. The administration is really geared up to rape that land. Other strange meetings with Trump and Chaffetz wants to obstruct any investigation of Trump too..and then….and then all of a sudden his foot hurts, and he’s having a midlife crisis, and/or his family wants him to leave congress. Poof, that weasel is gone…just quits. Now what’s the real story there? It smells rotten and I can’t understand why there isn’t anyone working that story, because something isn’t right and it doesn’t take a conspiracy-theory mindset to think that.

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