October 13, 2017….Chaos

July 26, 2017 Trump announces via twitter, a policy change for the military.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”


An aside: “I could envision the southern belle, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, swooning on his fainting couch with lemonade in hand, Bannon laughing hysterically, and Stephen Miller gnashing his teeth in glee! -Speaking of that Frankenstein smushed in a suit, the first time you ever saw that little cretin Miller, what did you think?  My gaydar alarm was going Be-wow Be-wow Be-wow  WOOP WOOP WOOP…and I was all like…cool, a gay dude to keep shit on the level…then he opened his mouth.  When I discovered just how deep this dude’s bottomless hate runs, I was pretty sure what we have here is a really really really deep and dark walk-in closet of self-hate.  Let’s go ahead and start that crazy story, because I don’t think it’s crazy…and I don’t think it’s a story.”  : )


What became quickly apparent was that there was no discussion with the generals or military experts or even Defense Secretary Mattis, who was out of the country at the time.  Trump just unilaterally declared policy via twitter.  Why?  There had been some whispers at the time that a defense spending bill could have been held up in Congress for disagreement over this tiny detail of little financial import, and you know Trump loves himself some military, but that wasn’t going to hold up the bill.


Trump did it because he could.  It made him feel powerful to be able to affect other’s lives so easily.  It made him feel powerful to bewilder the military by twittering out a ripple of destabilization. It made him feel powerful to create chaos.  It’s not a surprise, right?  We knew from countless sources Trump prefers to sit amongst chaos; it’s where he feels most comfortable in an organizational setting and his satisfaction isn’t just a concern of highest import in his presidency, it’s the only concern of import.


From a strategic, political viewpoint, ongoing chaos is of little use in a governmental organization.  Except…unless one’s goal is to, in part or in whole, reshape the entire political landscape.  That’s pretty much the guiding light for the likes of Steve Bannon as well as, to a lesser extent, nearly every freaking cabinet member sitting atop their little fiefdoms.

Now, let’s take a look at what we gots on the current all-you-can-eat buffet of chaos.

Repeal and replace didn’t happen because the president had no actual plan (and really didn’t give two fucks), the Republicans had no viable plan, and the Democrats, although willing to fix the ACA, weren’t even allowed to bring their toys to the sandbox.

What is Trump’s influence in possible legislation regarding ACA (Obamacare):

  1. ACA enrollment funding cut from 100 million to 10 million, so people wouldn’t know about it.
  2. Open enrollment period cut in half, so people would miss the deadline.
  3. Announced online enrollment would be down several Sundays (the most important days) during the enrollment period for “maintenance”.
  4. Removed billions in government funding to prop up insurance companies in cost-sharing reduction payments covering poor people.
  5. Announced the availability of cheaper, bare-bones association health plans across state lines which will group together and cull out younger, healthy people from state pools, which had kept pricing down.

Congress all by itself let funding for CHIP expire, which will remove insurance from 9 million children which is tied to expanded Medicaid states in the ACA.

This is now a homemade bomb with a short fuse.  Congress can either seek to fix the ACA now to forestall the awful consequences before 2018 election, but that would align Congressional Republicans with the hated Obamacare! They could try to rewrite the entire mess all over again, which hasn’t worked thus far, or they can do nothing except to just fund CHIP.   This last option seems most likely: Do nothing, fix CHIP.


DACA, having been kicked back to Congress, seemed for awhile there like it had hope of finding quick resolution, but nah.  Trump came up with his new demands tied to DACA.

  1. Complete funding for the wall.
  2. Funds to hire 370 more immigration judges; 1,000 attorneys for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency; 300 federal prosecutors; and 10,000 additional ICE agents to enforce immigration laws.
  3. Tighter standards for those seeking US asylum.
  4. Denial of federal grants to so-called sanctuary cities, which limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
  5. Requirement that employers use an electronic verification system known as E-Verify to keep unauthorized immigrants from securing jobs.

These requirements are a non-starter for Democrats, obviously.  Republicans can either try to make a separate deal with Democrats and hope Trump signs it or do nothing, let time run out, and send it back to Trump, who can Executive order it or do nothing.  Most likely option?  No idea, but doing nothing is an option.

Decertifying the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Trump did not remove the US from the agreement, if he had, then it would all be his fault wouldn’t it?  He is kicking it back to Congress and asking them to come up with a new governing law; a framework by which the US could re-impose previous sanctions that cover more areas then just the previous, focused  Nuclear development aspect of Iran’s relationship with the rest of the world.  If Congress does not quickly pass some new law, Trump says he will terminate our participation in the treaty.  Trump’s delusional hope is, this will force all parties to redraw the original agreement.  That’s not going to happen.  Not a chance in hell.

Congress could follow through on this and create some new law outside of the agreement that was made with Iran, France Britain, Germany, Russia and China, but doing so would not only alienate us from our allies and cosigners, it would have us violate the agreement itself.  Iran could then decide to keep it’s pact with the others and shun the US, which is highly likely.  Then the US would be in an untenable position to even maintain any sanctions alone and also, truly be  isolated.  Iran could chose to conclude that the entire agreement is now void and begin anew their work on obtaining nuclear weapons.  Neither of these results are acceptable to Congress and certainly not in the interests of the US.  The best thing Congress could do is probably to do nothing.  Send it back to Trump and let him deal with his own mess.  This is very likely.  The pact would remain in place, and the US would just sit there in limbo until such a time as Trump decided to certify again.

You see the pattern here?  There’s a good chance that in each of these pieces, of what would be very important, major legislation, the Congress…specifically Republican Congressmen, may very well be forced to decide that doing nothing is the best decision.  Trump may, in each of these situations decide to act as the savior, or not.  Either is fine with him amidst the chaos.  Depends how he feels that day I suppose.  But ya know what the funny thing is, who really benefits the most from the damn, do-nothing Republicans?  Who loves chaos more than Trump?  I mean, who really sees chaos as the desired end product?  Who wants to use Republican inaction as a platform by which to get all manner of deranged lunatics into Congress?


Steve Bannon.

3 thoughts on “October 13, 2017….Chaos

    1. yeah, unfortunately the cabinet doesn’t want to see the end of their little kingdoms. It would take Donald Trump threatening to start nuclear war to break up this cadre.


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