October 12, 2017

Since the beginning of the crisis in Puerto Rico, we have been discussing how it is likely that the narrative formed by Trump would be that the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico would be because of their own negligence…as if it is some foreign nation.

“Be mindful of the narrative from the administration and Fox news.  we’ll see it throughout the forthcoming days.  We helped Puerto Rico when they asked for it, so that’s their fault and, there’s a financial burden Puerto Rico is causing us, which our great American industries and financial sector will have to address.”

We noted on the September 29th post.

Today, in furtherance of that narrative, Trump quotes Sharyl Attkisson (this has to be a mangled quote from somewhere early on in the hurricane, I can’t find the source as of yet, update 3pm: I can’t find this quote from her at all.  When she does mention Puerto Rico, it is always in a rational, realistic way as far as I see, often questioning the government’s actions…so this could be a misquote from Donny, it could be entirely made up. I don’t know):

Now, without getting too far  into character assassination, Sharyl Attkisson is a paranoid conspiracy theory nut of the first order and a Sinclair Broadcasting mouthpiece.  That aside, it has to be really difficult to find anyone willing to take this inhumane and ridiculous stance, outside of Trump and his administration.

The tweets themselves are difficult to digest.  “Puerto Rico survived the hurricane…”  like, it’s all done now?  Everything’s cool? “A total lack of accountability say [sic] the governor.” ?  Whose accountability?  Are you quoting the governor as saying he, himself has a total lack of accountability?

Trump will keep pushing this narrative, whenever the Puerto Rican crisis comes up and I promise you the topic hasn’t even hit full stride yet.  I promise you, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Early on in this disaster, we also outlined attribution of the deaths of the people of Puerto Rico is a topic that will come to the fore.  The idea that Trump is going to try and spin that too is already making my stomach turn.  We don’t even know how many people have died and will yet die.  This is a humanitarian crisis in it’s early stages.  According to the Red Cross website, they still haven’t even deployed and when they get to these isolated sites on the island, you can bet we’re going to start hearing what is actually going on.  water born illnesses and deaths are slowly being reported and that’s going to be just the tip of the iceberg.

This….was just as nauseating as you would expect.  Hannity and Trump vomiting into each other’s mouths all of the stories they love to share.  Reliving Trumps glorious election victory, fake news, a long list of all of the groups of people or individuals that should be hated, more NFL bullshit, on and on and Trump was absolutely delighted to be given the platform to air all of his grievance and the crowd was ecstatic.  Worst of all, was Hannity interviewing crowd members one at a time, to check to see if they would properly regurgitate all of the close-minded, low-fact, hate they’ve been programmed to believe.  Hannity was not dissapointed.  He came across a little girl wearing a dress on which Trump’s big ugly head had been silk screened.  She professed her love for Trump and I was praying…please don’t check to see if she’s been indoctrinated too, please don’t prompt her to say whom she hates…please don’t do that.  Thank God, he let it go unchecked beyond what a ten year old could say on her own.

2 thoughts on “October 12, 2017

    1. shit’s piling up quick today for sure. I’m not kidding when i say that I bet psychiatrists and drug companies probably doing brisk business this year. Guy in white house is making people afraid, depressed, and outraged.


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