Trump takes dump in Big Rig #MAGA

President Donald Trump’s tax plan has been panned as a giveaway to the rich, so the White House is summoning some blue-collar advocates to rally for it: truck drivers.  Not so, says Trump, who will insist in a speech in Harrisburg, Pa., on Wednesday evening that truckers and other middle-income workers stand to gain bigly from his plan.

Truck driver Gus Grinswald was elated by the selection of his eighteen-wheeler for the photo op celebrating this annoucement, “I don’t know what happened, he was having fun playing with the big steering wheel and the horn that goes, ‘BEEP’ real loud …and then he just stopped and got a weird look on his face.”  Gus then added, “He wears depends, right?”



“Truckers will be the No. 1 beneficiaries of President Trump’s tax plan,” a senior White House official told reporters on Oct. 10,  “The trucks themselves will be the beneficiaries of #2.”

Secret service were on hand with wetnaps and talc powder once the president was done with his “business,” after which Trump was transported to a golf cart which whisked him away to his motorcade some 20 yards distant.

“Usually we have naptime after poopoos,” an aide stated on conditions of anonymity, “but considering his schedule we may fit in a snack and twitter before lunch and then take an extended nap.”

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