October 11, 2017

Trump has had at least some partial positive results from bullying the NFL, insofar as the NFL shall discuss whether or not they shall make standing for the National Anthem mandatory.  As far as generating campaign contributions from this stance, Trump has been very successful.  How this is going to play out isn’t as clear-cut as merely decreeing the NFL’s position from an owners meeting…not by a long shot.  The players association and the players themselves are going to decide what actually happens and Trump will be just as happy to see the NFL implode and his coffers full as he would seeing every black man standing.

That being put aside, until at least Sunday, Trump moves his attention back to the media and really the whole story about how Tillerson came to calling him a “fucking moron.”

The story he is referring to is this one.  An outline of the meeting in which the nation’s highest-ranking national security leaders meet with Trump and staff to explain what our ongoing position is with Nuclear weapons.  It’s clear that the military was attempting to explain to Trump in the simplest terms, so that he might understand, why our smaller nuclear arms stockpile actually creates the strongest defensive position.  To which Trump reportedly responded that he would prefer our stockpile grew “ten fold”.

As a sidenote, “tenfold” literally means x1024.  I know everyone thinks it means x10, but go ahead and try to fold a full sheet of paper ten times and tell me what ya get.  If you mean “times ten”, say times ten.  If you mean times 1024 you can say ten fold if you like.  No matter what, increasing our nuclear arsenal by a multiple of 10 or a multiple of 1024, it’s a metric shitton of a lot of more nuclear weapons.

Do any of us doubt that Trump wants a lot of toys in the forms of weapons to play with?  does this seem out of line with the things he says and does?  Is it unbelievable?  If you were sitting in this meeting and saw how hard the military was trying to spoon feed simple data to a big baby, and heard him wail out he wanted more toys, would you look at him and say, “you’re a fucking moron” ?

Trumps proposed budget:  “Virtually every agency will see some sort of cut, with only Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs getting a boost.”  That’s right, mess everything up and send in the military to finish off any remaining problems.

This NBC story is really big.  Not only does it give context as to why Tillerson would call Trump a fucking moron, it also outlines how frightfully deranged our President is.

My question is, who’s going to come forward now?  Forget the threats about undermining the Fourth Estate, who is going to come forward now?  You guys want to sit on this and kick it down the road?  One of you better come forward.


Post script: What really irritates me is the leaks out of this Whitehouse.  Or more exactly, the people doing the leaking.  So many leaks that make Trump look bad are corroborated from multiple sources within the administration, congress at large, and supporting staff.  So many.   All of these people are leaking out this daily stream of inside information for a reason.  They want the public to know how bad things are.  They are dismayed, they are upset, they are fearful.  They want someone to do something…someone else, before there is irreparable damage to our nation.  Isn’t it time one of these people put their fucking job in jeopardy to save our Nation?  Isn’t there a goddamn one of them that puts Nation above self interests, outside of the rank-and-file career people that have come forward?

Thank god for Bob Corker.

3 thoughts on “October 11, 2017

  1. “No matter what, increasing our nuclear arsenal by a multiple of 10 or a multiple of 1024, it’s a metric shitton of a lot of more nuclear weapons.”

    Well… given a guesstimate that the average US nuclear missile in service weighs around 800 pounds*, and that the USA has about 4000 nuclear bombs**, then a multiple of ten would increase the weight of the USA’s military arsenal by 1451 metric shittons.

    This is all assuming that a metric shitton is of equal weight to a regular metric ton (i.e. a ton of shit is as heavy as a ton of feathers).

    * – source: http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Usa/Weapons/Allbombs.html

    ** – https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/Nuclearweaponswhohaswhat

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    1. A Shit-ton is equivalent to 24 metric assloads, or 1/10th of a fuck-ton. This is why the US should have converted to metrics, would be a hella lot clearer and look neato on a bar chart.

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