October 10, 2017, updated

A bit of a barrage on twitter this morning from Trump, touching on four different subjects in twenty-nine minutes.   Very unusual to say the least.

This scattershot tweetstorm absolutely reeks of intent.  It takes a particular type of mind to consider this to cumulatively misdirect and confound the media and public at large and find that desirable.  It takes the type of mind that Trump doesn’t possess.  I’m wondering if Trump was on the phone with Bannon bright and early.

I believed yesterday that some great divide had finally been approached with Congress and Trump.  I still believe that.  The sign, the first horsemen of the apocalypse, will probably be the narrative that is developed to undercut Corker.  No clear narrative has been developed yet by Trump and Fox news, but there shall be one.  Rest assured.

Going back to the tried-and-true belittling moniker is a good start:

But that’s not the fully fleshed out slapdown and shade-throwing that Corker so richly deserves.  Let’s see what Fox comes up with.  We already heard Bannon say that Corker should resign, which is of course, utterly laughable.

The second horseman would be when some other Republican Congressperson comes forward to pledge no confidence.  Many Congresspeople were interviewed yesterday about the twitter spat.  All stated Corker was one awesome dude, but refused to go any further than that.  What will it take for the next one to come forward?  Probably  something as simple as the next stupid thing Trump does, or perhaps as a reaction to however Fox and Trump try to position the narrative that Corker is a bad guy and not to be heeded.


Trump tweets these remarks at 9:21:

I couldn’t figure out what the hell he is referring to, but some publications think he is referring to a Vanity Fair piece from Monday, excerpt:

“When his staff has tried to manage him, he has seemed to take it as a point of pride to thwart them. So it’s only natural that his relationship with Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who is attempting to impose discipline on Trump’s freewheeling West Wing by starkly curtailing access to Trump, would be fraught. But now there are signs that the rift between Kelly and his boss may be irreparable.”

The story in and of itself, isn’t startling or unexpected.  It’s the momentum.  I really feel like something is about to happen.  someone is going to say, “The Emperor has no clothes.”  Someone is going to have to say it.  Maybe the momentum is going to crack Trump…maybe he’ll have the mother of all meltdowns.

All of these stories are coming out at the same time that Trump does need to be managed and he is in fact, a giant fucking baby.

3 thoughts on “October 10, 2017, updated

  1. IMO you are correct in that tRump doesn’t have an attention span long enough to follow a coherent plan to deceive. So his tweets on different subjects means his mind is all over the place as is normal for him. Can he say Squirrel. The only thing I don’t get is all these executive orders. Most have dealt with minor issues, giving departments his intended directions. However he is not an Emperor nor a King. HE can not create law by E.O. and where is the out cry that President Obama faced every time he signed one. Republicans in congress would go to any microphone they could find to scream how wrong it was to use them, how much of a tyrant Obama had become by signing executive orders. Where is the out cry from congress now? Hugs

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    1. could be that his mind is just extraordinarily scattered, but i see that as the normal state of affairs. Usually at “Fox and Friends” time, he picks up on one maybe two subjects an hour and tweets 1-4 things about one subject at a time. This is an outlier today. You know what’s funny is he always takes about 35 minutes to get to tweeting about a fox and friends segment he likes. It’s weird, it’s often around the same time differential.

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