I’ve got a horrible feeling

After Bob Corkers interview in the New York Times , today in which he further stated that we’re getting to a really bad place with this president and after the silliness of that staged photo op by Pence yesterday, I’m feeling something is going to happen soon.  I don’t think Trump is going to start a nuclear war soon, but I don’t doubt there’s a real possibility Trump’s carelessness could lead to a military confrontation no one in the world wants.

I do think there’s more than adequate forward momentum after this weekend for the real issue to be open for discussion, both in the Government and in the public at large.  Trump is not fit to hold this office and it is obvious now even to people that refused to consider it, this could have real regrettable consequences.

what I do feel, I have this feeling…that real battles within our government are about to take place.  I think it is possible we see further destabilizing emptying of office in both rank-and-file government employees and possibly Rex Tillerson could just up and leave before he’s fired.  I feel as if there will be, very soon other congress people coming forward and stating in plain terms, that they have little faith in this administration.  I also believe this could lead to frightening results in the Trump cult’s desire to replace conservatives with far, far right fundamentalists and religious nuts.

It really feels like Trump’s only agenda is destabilization and it’s working.  It feels like it’s coming now, way ahead of schedule.  I’m concerned.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got a horrible feeling

  1. Two factions to keep an eye on as what you describe happens will be the 30 plus % that is tRump’s rabid base, and Steve Bannon. Bannon thought that a major part of the left would also flock to his populous message, but that has not happened and so he is left with only the most extreme hard right / alt right to push for. That will destroy the ability of the republican party to do any real legislation as their party turns to massive internal strife. That in turn will make tRump more desperate to have a win / signing ceremony. I think the ride is about to get real bumpy. Hugs

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