October 8, 2017

Trump has continued promoting his foreign policy via twitter and goofy comments.  What is hysterically funny, is watching Fox news commentators going through mental gymnastic routines in an attempt to legitimize this madness and smash it into a framework that has it all making sense.  Their overly gleeful explanations range anywhere from, “It’s all part of his big plan to keep everyone guessing and feeling unsure,” (which is mind-blowingly stupid and clearly counter-production to any actual foreign policy) to, “This CLEARLY was a statement to Isis and action shall soon come!” and everything in between.  One of them actually said something like, “He’s just doing this to mess with liberals, because it’s so funny to see them squirm!” and everyone had a good laugh.

Screenshot-2017-10-8 Fox Friends Weekend 10 8 17 9AM Fox News October 8, 2017 - YouTube.png,

Fox actually had the gall to call his tweets about N. Korea and dumbass, cast-off comment about, “the coming storm,” as a “Bold Approach” to foreign policy.  What fucked up world is this?  Seriously?  Is this shit for real?

North Korea’s race to Nuclear weapons is because of one or both of these two reasons:

  1.  To make anyone think twice about invading them.
  2.  To forcibly sit at the big boys table and negotiate reducing restrictions/embargoes.

When Trump repeatedly states there’s only one way to deal with N. Korea and negotiations don’t work (clearly implying a war), and when he states that the Iran nuclear deal isn’t worth remaining a party to, what message do you think he’s sending to the North Koreans?

This isn’t diplomacy or a strategy, it’s living in a goddamn John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie, “Go ahead, pick up the gun.”  What alternatives are being left?

You can say with absolute conviction that the GOP is imploding right before our eyes.  Between Trump having his own party in Congress hate him and unraveling at the seams, and the door opening for all of these deranged goofballs (via Bannon or of their own accord) rushing to unseat traditional conservatives, this party is a real live dumpster fire.

Is it even worth parsing through these childish tweets?  Corker did not give us the Iran deal.  He wasn’t happy with it to start with and wanted Obama to send it through congress.  It had seemed possible at the time that Corker would be offered the VP role in the Trump administration, but he didn’t want that role.  He said he would be interested in one of two secretary roles but,

“Amid speculation he could be the next secretary of state, Sen. Bob Corker spoke with President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday morning. But the idea of a cabinet job never came up, Corker said.”


He may have run for re-election in the senate, and Trump himself asked him to, and corker said no.  Now why do you think he went and did that?  There are going to be any number of candidates willing to primary Trump in 2020, if he somehow manages to make it that far, and you can count Corker as one of them.

Governing from twitter doesn’t work.  who knew?

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