October 7, 2017

I assume that by reporting on Trump’s twitter feed now that I’m going to miss a chunk of slop later, because it’s still quite early on a Saturday.  Oh well.

Some good stuff to talk about already.

Aside from Trump’s desire for the media to print what he’d like to read instead of the actual facts, this is all true, and really good news for the republicans.  Around 60% of recent contributions are coming from individual donations of $200 or less for the RNC.  That’s great and I find it encouraging.  I’m somewhat discouraged by the fact that people are often donating to the RNC when they think they are donating directly to Trump.  I’m also starting to get a creepy feeling by the targeted nature of RNC’s fund raising effort after watching more about Cambridge Analytics and the seeming isolation of Trump supporters on the incredible news show “Vice news.”  If you haven’t seen this show on HBO, I can’t recommend it enough.  Very refreshing.


This is an interesting static image from the show.  Vice interviewed some righteous smart dudes who came up with this visual matrix of Twitter users related to Clinton and Trump supporters from the campaign.  Now, I want you to understand how cool this imaging was: it wasn’t static on the show, it was moving; pulsing in reaction to connections twitters users make….millions of users.  At one point they highlighted verified media sources with a yellow color.  All of the yellow was around the curving arc of the Clinton side of the Matrix.

What we see here, is just how isolated and tightly wound Trump supporters had become and I can’t imagine this image has gotten any less sad.  We can’t extrapolate this into much of anything conclusive because…this is twitter we’re talking about.  Everyone’s attention span is similar to that of the common housefly.

Next tweet at 8am:

Is lifted directly from Fox and Friends at 6:53am:

This stuff is getting really tired.  If conservatives want a particular type of late night show to feed them only the information they want, go ahead and make that show.  Hell, Fox has a freaking giganticmegahuge media empire, why haven’t they done it?  Because no one would watch it.  Fox isn’t in the game to lose money.

Trump’s desperate attempt to drive people away from fact reporting, is starting to backfire.  A recent Reuters poll reports confidence in the media has risen dramatically in this last month, to 48% in September compared to 39% last November.  I’m looking a little deeper and see that’s 11% by Democrats and 3% by republicans, which could mean this poll was a little Democrat heavy.  Also, I’d like to say this doesn’t preclude the possibility that those feeling more confident, could be feeling more confident in only reading exactly the type of news that they want to read.  : )

Who knows!  Trump is so funny.  I imagine if you meet with “Chuck and Nancy” again, you could certainly set the groundwork for a stable healthcare plan if you so chose.  They would say, “Yes!  Now it’s time to fix the ACA, glad you came around Donny!”

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