Maybe…the calm before the storm

Trump feeling like a super tough guy when surrounded by military, after a brief meeting and before their dinner.  Trump, for no apparent reason says, “You guys know what this represents?”

A reporter says, “Tell us sir.”

Trump says, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

When asked by reporters to clarify he said, “It could be, the calm, the calm before the storm.”

Reporters then asked if the storm was directed at Iran or ISIS.

He said, “We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that. And ah, we’re gonna have a great evening, thank you all for coming.”

someone says, “what storm Mr. President?”

Trump says, “You’ll find out.”

Media is going all crazy guessing what that might mean, and haven’t you guys learned anything yet???!!!  Perhaps they had discussed Iran, we already know he’s going to mess up that deal. Perhaps they had discussed North Korea, and do you honestly think the military guys were sitting around discussing blowing things up with this child?

This is nothing but bullshit from a reality TV star creating a cliff hanger out of nothing.  Yeah, there will be a story tomorrow and the next day, or as Trump usually puts it, “Within the next two weeks,” but this mindless drivel isn’t in relationship to anything other than Trump’s love of cameras, ratings, and pretending that he knows something clever that no one else could possibly guess.


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