October 5, 2017

Most of Trump’s rabble-rousing soundbites have gone to the wayside somewhere between his election and today.  we don’t hear much about repeal and replace, or the wall, or banning Muslims, or lock her up, or any of that garbage.  Those memes are saved for the cult pep-rallies.  What has never gone away, is Trump’s hammering at the “fake news/media.”

We all know, the fake media is: anything that show’s Trump is lying, anything he disagrees with, anything that portrays him as less than Godlike, and anything that reports on the actual idiot things he says and does himself.  By all accounts, nothing irritates Trump more than the ongoing Russian meddling/collusion investigations.

This tweet is not about “fake news” in general, it’s a specific assault on the senate intelligence committee’s Russian investigation.

In other words, the senate intelligence committee should be examining mainstream media, and not the Trump campaign.  This in response to the press conference held by the leads of the committee yesterday.  In which the Republican Chairman and Democratic Vice-Chairman relate that the investigation as a whole, has expanded.  They mention specific topics of investigation regarding the Trump campaign as well as an overarching theme of Russian interference.

Committee Vice Chairman, Mark Warner(D) specifically mentions the fact the Trump’s Dept of Homeland Security has not, until this week, even bothered to give the committee the requested information specific to how and where voter systems where directly affected by Russian interference.  They’ve had the damn information since the end of the Obama Administration, but just didn’t see that that was important information to pass along.  It is also worth mentioning that the bill passed for stricter sanctions on the Russians for interference in our election, has still, as of the deadline date Oct 1, not been put into enforcement by the Trump administration.

It is very VERY important for us to realize that while this and other investigations are being strung along, while the daily national narratives are being driven by the idiot things Trump does and says, great changes are happening to our nation in the form of passed legislation and the almost impressively maniacal way in which our federal departments are being undermined, hamstrung, understaffed, and manipulated.  It’s mind-blowing how these changes are going unnoticed because of this top-of-mind bullshit.

We all knew Trump had no agenda, no knowledge, no real platform, and no facts at hand when it came to coherent policies.  All he ever was, was a carnival barker; taking the pulse of the crowd, seeing which inanity would inflame their passions the most and to greatest effect.  Now he is President.  A President that has surrounded himself with some truly awful characters in the midst of a Republican led House and Senate.  Some of those characters are gone, some remain, but the underlying fact remains: we’re not noticing what’s going on underneath of the carnival tent.

It’s a lot to talk about, but i think we should.  This weekend we can look at specifics.  Actual facts of how our government and nation is changing without us even noticing.

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