Tomorrow preview, Idiot Hannity

Hannity making a big stink tonight that the mass murder in Las Vegas is being politicized to attack Trump and republicans (but we all know he means: to galvanize public opinion and ultimately challenge gun laws and NRA’s power over Republicans.)  I don’t think Trump would pick this up tomorrow as tweet worthy, however, in a 12 hour news cycle, this could be re-reported in print as a generic story, and then picked up by Fox and friends as a re-purposed, actually newsworthy story tomorrow morning.

This would be an awful miscalculation on Trump’s part to get into, but when has that ever stopped him?

Trump did retweet Hannity’s message tonight, so…let’s see tomorrow if Fox and friends finds this acceptable for reporting.  Or if Trump just goes balls to the wall and jump’s on Hannity’s kooky narrative.


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