October 4, 2017

Busy day for Trump.  He fit in a trip to Las Vegas, where he visited the receiving trauma center from the Las Vegas tragedy and without prepared statements, and without any facts at hand, just kind of stumbled through an impromptu speech, and honestly that’s fine.  He really does seem overcome by the enormity and..is at a loss for words : )  An observation, that is of absolutely no importance, is the way in which Melania acts.  she really freaks me out sometimes.  She really doesn’t know what to do with herself in this setting.  she is…just there; model-esque, not sure if she should be posing or striking a sympathetic demeanor.  The really creepy thing, is watch how her head and focus are dragged about the room in a sympathetic mirroring of Trump.  she looks forward when he does and nods, her head swivels to the left when his does and to the right…even when she can’t see which way he is looking.  It’s spooky.

While departing from this brief segment of his schedule, a reporter manages to slip in a question about the situation with Rex Tillerson, to which Trump replies, it’s all fake news and he has “total confidence” in Rex.  “Total confidence” so far in this presidency, has meant: You’re fired!  Let’s see.  There’s no denying the somber and sober (have you ever seen a more somber looking dude?) Tillerson hasn’t had a problem with not supporting some of Trump’s idiot statements in public and on the record, and Trump seems to have no problem undercutting him on Twitter, so lets see what shakes out.   Honestly Tillerson should have never been there in the first place and I have no idea how, an otherwise seemingly smart fellow like him, thought this was going to be anything other than a dumpster fire.

It is very hard to not believe NBC’s characterization of their relationship, in which Tillerson purportedly called Trump a moron.  In Tillerson’s surprise statement this morning, he didn’t deny it.  what he did deny was that he was ever thinking about quitting his position.

Trump went on to make his official speech.  This prepared statement, which he read very carefully, hit the right tone.  Thank God he didn’t mess this up.  He did not at any point discuss gun violence.  When a reporter slipped in a question about it, he responded, “We’re not going to discuss it at this time.”



Much like the current Republican stance in Congress: we’re not going to discuss it at this time…because it’s not the right time.  If you do discuss it now, you’re politicizing the deaths of these people.  It’s a political game, to try to use this moment to force a discussion, both nationally and in Congress.

I suppose a better time to have discussed it would have been a month ago when there wasn’t any current mass murder in the news.  Republicans were willing to advance some new legislation regarding guns a month ago.  As a matter of fact, it was almost up for a vote until Las Vegas happened.  You see, a situation DID need to be addressed.  submitted to Congress on 9/1/2017 was the bill Sportsmen Heritage And Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act, by Representative Jeff Duncan(R), whom coincidentally, receives donations from the NRA and has been endorsed by them.

Ever since Trump took office and gun sales plummeted, this awful condition has suddenly(!) emerged, wherein gun enthusiasts are having their hearing damaged from repeatedly firing off their weapons.  As an obvious solution to this problem is, we need to roll back longstanding regulations on the sale of silencers.

Great idea, right?  As a noted side benefit (who would have guessed?), this is an untapped market that could see heavily depressed gun sales bolstered significantly by the hundreds of millions in dollars silencer sales could generate each year.  See, so that right there is a win-win.  Right?

When do we get to talk about it?  When is the right time?

Donald Trump can dodge this topic for a little while, but sooner or later he is going to have to take a position.  He could pick up on the narrative that this is just democrats playing the death card in an unpatriotic and disgusting way.  He could just wash his hands of it and let congress wrestle.  He could take a decisive stance and push to promote forward-looking legislation…that’s very unlikely.  I honestly don’t know what Trump is going to do.

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