October 1, 2017, updated


Strange day for Donald Trump’s twitter feed.  I wonder what he’s doing today?  Usually Sundays are pretty hot for Don.  Not today.

Not a quiet news day at all and some of Trump’s favorite topics are getting coverage.  Fox News is heavy all morning on some great leads for Trump to tweet about as well:

  1.  World news- two terrorist attacks in France and Canada.
  2.   Fox coverage and opinions on NFL protests all morning.
  3.   Fox news extensive coverage of how the Mayor of San Juan is incorrect about the level of help from the administration and also an interview from freaking Geraldo Rivera trying to position the Mayor to admit there’s some partisan issue going on and she needs to tone it down.  Fema regional director saying on Fox, that the Mayor isn’t doing what she should be doing to coordinate with Fema.  This as the Mayor is standing in the middle of centralized distribution, working.

No tweets on these.  Instead Trump goes back to the “Rocket man” meme.

That’s pretty much it for the day from Trump.

Tillerson’s statement yesterday, after a meeting with Chinese officials, mentioned that the administration has a direct line to North Korea open for diplomacy (which, in of itself is interesting).  This received modest coverage on all networks and was covered by all major papers yesterday and today.  Why Trump picked up on this isn’t clear.  It’s not clear if Trump even spoke to Tillerson.  In follow up questions with administration officials after Trump’s tweets, it was clarified, “Asked if the President’s tweets indicate he has decided to abandon the diplomatic track on North Korea, a senior administration official told CNN: “We are still committed to a diplomatic approach.”

I don’t believe this is an orchestrated “good cop, bad cop” situation.  It’s my impression that Trump is actually busy doing something today, don’t know what, and this tweet is just him tossing out some meat to his followers.  Reminding his base, that he is the tough guy and if it’s up to him we’ll send off some nuclear missiles and be done with it.  Trump knowing full well, that no one takes him seriously and there’s adults addressing the real issues.

I expect the “blaming Puerto Rico” story isn’t disappearing.  It shall return.  I am most interested in how this angle develops when actual deaths are reported and the blame game goes full tilt.


UPDATE:  The Trump twitter silence from around 12 noon to around 9pm was actually due to his attendance of the President’s Cup Golf Tournament in New Jersey.  So, that explains that.  I thought he might be doing some work.  My bad.


8 thoughts on “October 1, 2017, updated

  1. Blaming Puerto Rico for a weather incident that no one could prevent is sickening. I truly hope that karma bites this administration in the ass. They have no shame or empathy for anyone yet they claim to represent the people. F&&k ’em.

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    1. Let’s see how this shakes out. There will be big news when deaths are reported and different parties start attributing them to different causes. There is also a very long term story here in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico and the potential resettlement of, what could be a very large number of US citizens to the mainland.

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      1. No doubt Trump and his cronies will work on some kind of deflection when we do start hearing the news. The worst thing is that there are still so many Trump supporters who see this unnecessary hostility as part of his America First ideology and they like it! That’s the worst thing.

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      1. at least he’s staying off the twitter for today. I’ve just been dreading the thought he is going to turn the page and go back to irritating someone on twitter.


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