September 30, 2017


Trump pounding away on Twitter.  He can do no wrong, and no one should question that.  The truth is, Trump is not responsible for everything.  He is responsible for oversight of the Puerto Rico disaster and he is responsible for the narratives he drives.

We don’t need to look at everyone of his Puerto Rico Tweets today, as many of them are redundant, but there are a few key ones.  These tweets from 7:26am to 7:48 am are the basic narrative du jour:

These are directly inspired by this Fox and Friends segment at 6:33am:

A long segment complaining about the mainstream media’s portrayal (Fox and Friends is actually the #1 cable news program in the morning) of the Administrations response to the hurricane.  Listing off grievances from Obama (of course), to the left not understanding when Trump was describing that Puerto Rico was an island (oh!) surrounded by water, big water often referred to as an “ocean”, what he was really doing was implicating the logistical difficulties with coordinating rescue efforts across said boundaries, because this was clearly outside of the ability of left leaning media to comprehend.  To which one of the newscaster gleefully says, “Hey that makes sense!  The way it’s worded that makes total sense!”  Zing!  got an angle to try to make Trump not look like an idiot, store that one!

What Fox and Friends did not do, and would not do, is directly attack the Mayor of San Juan. I checked, not even Hannity was willing to go down that road and honestly, who would?  Mayor Carmen Cruz apparently isn’t even sleeping.  She’s getting dirtier and more disheveled every day.  I’m pretty sure she’s well beyond the breaking point.  Can Trump honestly convince himself that she is taking phone calls from democrats on how to attack him?

I believe she has said some things that were a little over the top…a little.  Listen Trump, at this point she’s not a politician.  She certainly isn’t tweeting about the disaster in Puerto Rico from a private golf club in New Jersey.  she’s standing in water, she’s crying, she’s frustrated, she’s over-worked, she’s tired and she’s not stopping.  Taking a jab at her is literally like walking up to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, kicking her in the shin, and looking around at everyone and saying, “Right?  Am I right or what?  Come on!  she’s a 2 out of 10 at best!”

As mentioned yesterday, here is the narrative forming of how this is Puerto Rico’s fault.  Much more to come, no doubt.

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