Feed me

Stop sticking your nose on my leg.


It’s cold and I don’t like it.

Well I’m sorry, I’m just trying to make sure you don’t forget.

Forget what?

Placing the food on the plate.

Forget?  You see my back all bent over and shit?

I do.

You see my goddamn hands on the can, prying off this goddamn lid?

I did notice that.

Do I ever forget to feed you?

Honestly I don’t recall, don’t have much of a memory.  It struck me as a possibility.

Yeah okay, whatever you say.  Would you move?

Please don’t put that on my head.

Excuse me your highness, if you’d get your head out of the way, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Are you going to kick me now?

What? I’ve never kicked you!

I seem to recall…

Oh, now you have a memory?

well…I recall that.

I never kicked you!  I…propelled you…

Is that what you call it now?

I scooted you aside, is what I did.  I re-positioned you…


Okay okay, quit being so goddamn dramatic and Stop. Putting. Your. Nose. On. My. Leg.

I’m just making sure…

I’m not forgetting!  Jesus.  look!  There.

About time.

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