September 26, 2017

Topics of immediate and ongoing concern the President could be focusing on:


Instead we’re getting more of this:

6:28am tweet; of course inspired by this Fox and Friends news segment at 6:10am:

the remainder of his morning tweets regarding football are all direct from Fox and friends.

I’m not sure where Trump received notice of kind words from the Mayor of San Juan and I have no idea what he thinks is going on down there, but he’s clearly living a different reality from the folks of Puerto Rico.

this video of the Mayor was shot right around the time of that tweet, you should watch it.  The Mayor is mentioning Trump’s tweets from the previous day regarding Puerto Rico’s debt.  She is less than happy.


What Trump should be focusing on and what he is capable of -or desiring of, are rarely overlapping topics.

What is he desiring of?


Great anger.  Delicious anger.  Fear will do too.

If the carnival barker can elicit these primal emotions from us, he’s succeeding as far as he knows.  As far as he knows, that’s what it means to be President.  This anger is a thing of beauty to him, he made it and perhaps later with the catalog of fears and angers he has created in the American psyche, he can harness these flailing emotions to his own needs…as the energy source for whatever great idea he comes up with.

The carnival barker succeeds in controlling the national narrative.  He peels back his lips and grins and sticks his tiny worm right into our skulls and we shit out of our mouths the dirty progeny of all of our ugliest thoughts and sins.

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