September 24, 2017

It wasn’t an unusually active day for Trump and his merry-go-round, eye poke-athon.  This is pretty much normal weekend Trump.  He was delighted to find some new and exciting eyeballs to poke and to drive the narrative, however ridiculous it was.

The media is more than happy to run with all of the Trump generated stories.  The media is doing quite well.  Some outlets do well just pointing out how bad other media outlets are.  It’s a mini renaissance for the old guard papers and established television news channels.  It’s a boon to new social media too.  There’s just so damn much to talk about.  Gives you a headache, right?  Me too.

If you’re like me, we’re wondering how to proceed sometimes.  This is an unusual situation we aren’t entirely prepared or equipped to handle and we’re wondering how we got here.

It’s not anything similar to, after a night of drunken debauchery, waking up in a jail cell wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and one flip-flop, and saying to yourself, “My god!  How did I get here?”  Nor is it similar to a sudden realization, after countless self-help books and a ten step program and suddenly exclaiming, “My god! How did I get here?”  No.  It’s not similar to either of these, because all along the way, from beginning to this very moment, you’ve known this is a disaster.  You could name it, easily.  You could shape the sounds of the word disaster slowly, silently with your lips from the very first day ‘til this day and tomorrow.

We watched ourselves walk here and denied it’s possible we could be moving when we were.  We watched our self-absorbed selfie selves make it so.  Now we are all of us in this funk together.  We are at once both the attending doctor and patient; painfully lucid and aware of our own condition and seemingly powerless to correct the malady.   Here we are now all befuddled and bereft and what to do, what to do.

For those of us that voted “aye” to this, the course shall be that of the loss-adverse gambler having already made the largest wager.  Those of us, shall manage our chips down until there is nothing left to lose and we must wonder what shape we’ll be in when we walk away from the table.

For those that voted otherwise, we should be most focused on the conditions that brought us here and not the dreadful symptoms, because however this ends, it shall not be the end.  We’re still going to wake up tomorrow wearing a cowboy hat and one flip-flop.

Let us drink tonight and enjoy it.  : )



for fun, remember when conservative vs liberal verbal fisticuffs could be this fun and truly entertaining:


Oh man.  what i wouldn’t give to have this now.  Very articulate and intelligent men going at it.  This is just a fluff piece comparatively speaking.  Their hardcore battles were truly extraordinary.

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