September 23, 2017

Dear lord.

what more needs to be said about this chain of events?

5:24am Fox News:


5:45am from Trump:

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

And yes, there was also a segment on Fox and Friends regarding NFL players kneeling for the national Anthem yesterday before the Alabama rally later that day, but this isn’t a new story on Fox.  I have to say, the newscasters have to feel kind of weird about this since Fox pays around 1 Billion a year for it’s NFL rights, but the parent company I’m sure is fine with it…I think.


Now this little rant from the pep rally the night before in Alabama, is much more than just the petulant child watching fox news:

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

There’s actually a lot of back story at play here.  First, I want to highlight that the important key point here is NOT the whole taking a knee thing.  It’s control.  “Making millions of dollars..should stand…YOU’RE FIRED…disrespect.”  Second, it had always been Trump’s desire to own an NFL team.  He wanted to buy the NFL’s Colts in the early 80s before he ended up buying the New Jersey Generals of the USFL and ultimately…single-handedly destroyed the entire USFL several years later trying to force the NFL to merge with the tiny USFL.  The whole powerplay by Trump was utterly retarded.  He cost thousands of people their jobs much like his stupidity on the grand scale in Atlantic City and much the same, walked away unscathed and not giving one fuck about it.


For a good overview, read this story by Tim Rohan for SI.

“In conjunction with the move to the fall, the USFL filed a $1.69 billion antitrust lawsuit against the NFL— another strategic decision Trump supported—arguing that the NFL was using its influence to persuade the three major networks not to broadcast the USFL. A jury ruled that while the NFL did indeed have a monopoly on pro football, it had not interfered with the USFL’s TV deals. The jury awarded the upstart league $3 in damages—$3.76, with interest.”

That was the end of the USFL.

Focusing on Trump’s comments from the Alabama tirade, about how the league has gone all pussy with injuries tells you much more about this monster than his faux concern for the flag.  That’s really what he’s talking about here.  The chattel has the nerve to be anything more than gladiator sport for caesar.

Does this sound familiar:

“The interview itself wasn’t always as impressive. Sportswriters found that Trump spoke in generalities and made grand statements and would barely answer their questions. If they asked Trump about football, “he sort of went blank,” said George Vecsey, a longtime columnist and sportswriter for the Times. “We all knew more about football than him.”

Trump would merely shake the hands of his team’s football players after a win.  He didn’t belong in their locker room.  Now the cheerleaders, that’s a different story.  He was more hands on with their careers:

“After a while the writers covering the team started wondering how straight Trump was being with them. The cheerleaders claimed that Trump lied to them, too. During their first season, eleven of the 30 cheerleaders staged a walkout, saying Trump had not delivered on promises to arrange acting jobs, modeling gigs and television appearances for them to supplement their modest pay. Instead, they said they were forced to wear skimpy outfits and entertain drunks at local bars. They felt unsafe. Actress Lisa Edelstein, who’d been one of the younger cheerleaders, told the Huffington Post last year Trump treated them “like hookers.”

Aside from the above mention of violence in football at last night’s Alabama-Trump-cult-get-together, how cavalier is Trump about football players being injured for his enjoyment and hopeful profit?

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