It’s sleepy time Donald!


For the love of God, go the fuck to sleep.  Stop tweeting.  stop.



6 thoughts on “It’s sleepy time Donald!

      1. The worst part is that a bipartisan effort would be required to get him out of office but Paul Ryan and McConnell are so desperate for power that they’d never go for it.

        I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t support Trump – it’s been wall to wall insanity since January.


      2. we’re in for the long haul. I’m confident things are going to be getting much worse. I don’t see war because there’s too many sane people around, but I see an absolutely paralyzed government unfolding next year.

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      3. Things will definitely get worse. I think the UN will probably step in before things escalate with North Korea. China as well. I think Trump is very good at distraction. He’s trying to deflect attention away from yet another poor attempt at repealing Obamacare. Unfortunately NK are just as nuts as Trump is and only too happy too engage.

        Right now the only hope is for Mueller to come up with credible evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians and even then, unless he can take Pence down too, the US won’t be much better off. That’s a long shot so…I just hope that the Dems put forward a reasonable candidate in 2020.


      4. Yeah, my concern is next year. I think we see indictments and trials and the white house will just stop functioning entirely. Congress will be left in the lurch as far as impeachment and everyone’s going to be looking at each other trying to figure out what to do. I honestly think we’re going to be in a place we’ve never been before, all before midterms. I think it will be a lot of upheaval needing constitutional experts to unravel. Maybe Trump would just leave office if enough people tell him he’s going to have to. he could always find an excuse that way. I don’t know.

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