September 22, 2017

Trump replays some of his greatest hits!!!!  YAY!  woooooooo hoooooooo!

These types of ideas have generally been relegated to Trump’s ego driven, pep-rallies for some time now.  They don’t show up in Tweets regularly anymore…and for good reason.  They’re better left alone and they don’t produce positive results.

In general, there are two motivations for these types of tweets from Trump.  One, is to further a narrative.  Mostly seen in the monikers he hands out to people: “Lying Ted”, “Little Marco”, “Rocketman”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Miss Piggy”, etc.  They are meant to dehumanize a perceived enemy, or delegitimize a platform, and thereby position the easily influenced to Trump’s side against the opposition.  The other time these types of ideas make an appearance with Donald Trump, is from a defensive stance.   There’s no particular justification for the tweets other than, Trump has thrown up his hands against incontrovertible facts and is summoning a previously tried-and-true spectral defender for protection.

As far as the Russian investigation goes, the last time Trump re-iterated the “fake news” angle was in response to Rod Rosenstein’s unusual appearance on Fox news on August 6th at night with Chris Wallace.  Rosenstein laid out, in no uncertain terms, that Mueller’s investigation was the real deal and would continue unhindered by the Justice department.  It was also revealed at that time that Mueller was proceeding to use a grand jury to further his investigation.  These came the following morning:


The last time Trump tweeted about fake news in general, was this hilarious retweet in which Trump quoted, of all things,  a twitter bot.  The original tweet was taken down, but the comments remain and they were a scathing, laugh riot.

That whole week (Aug 6-12) for trump was probably his most prolific for some insane tweets and sheer volume of tweets while in office.  He had just started his 17 day vacation and insisted many times he would still be “working”.  The list of things he tweeted and how concerning many of these tweets were, could generate a book on analysis (not kidding).  If you are at all interested, scroll down to Aug 6th and read up.  It’s insane.

This one alone could use some digging, considering how high on the agenda it was that week; tweeted often, was the need to ferret out the source of leaks.  Now where do you think Fox got this story?  Remember the UN ambassador refused to comment on this since it was most likely classified material.


Now, if we were looking for direct attribution for both of these tweets from today, we could easily point to Hannity’s performance the preceding night, where he discusses both topics in depth. Honestly though, this is Hannity every night since the Mueller investigation got serious.  So I prefer to think that, although these tweets may have been inspired by Hannity, they were mostly generated as a defense mechanism to the onslaught of information coming out daily.


The revelation of Russian Facebook ads isn’t a new story Donald…it’s further explanation of the same story that has been told for a year now.

If you are interested in pulling out clumps of hair and frothing at the mouth, here’s fucking Hannity from last night:

4 thoughts on “September 22, 2017

    1. Media is acting like this is some ancient, never-heard-before word. If that’s the case, Donald probably thinks it means pudding or something.

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      1. Gotta give credit to KJU. He knows his English—he used to study in the US from what I recall. Oh, well. Webster’s dictionary online is pretty busy today-lol.


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