September 20, 2017 updated

Trump doesn’t dissapoint.  We noted earlier that he would be getting back to the Emmys at some point to mete out justice.  He manages to take a swipe at the Emmys while feigning concern over it’s ratings. I still expect a more personalized jab at people like Lily Tomlin in the future.

Trump goes on to retweet some adoring fans tweets about what a spectacular and strong President he is, as witnessed in his teleprompter diatribe at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.  More interestingly, he tweets this at 6:40am:

Flowing this news segment on Fox news at 6:08am:


It’s still very early in the news day and I expect more out of Trump via Twitter even though he supposedly has a busy day ahead of him.  He’s seen a lot of negative blow-back from the media in the last 24 hours and to him, addressing that is more important than his job today.



Fox News and Donald Trump continue this weird, reinforced, circle-jerk.  I don’t know if the folks on Fox and Friends view Trump as Pavlov’s dog, or if they just find it hilarious how easily his ideas are manipulated.  There’s even a little giggle in there:


At 7:46 am, Fox and friends do a piece on Rand Paul’s dissatisfaction with the latest attempts at “repeal and replace.”  Trump, coincidently, tweets about Paul Rand at 8:09am.


2 thoughts on “September 20, 2017 updated

  1. You should read “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century” by Timothy Snyder. I think you’d like it. The book points out the dangers of blurring truth and falsehood, and labeling/dehumanizing political enemies.

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