September 19, 2017


This is the first “highlight” Trump selects for his tweeter feed from his speech to the UN General Assembly today.  (Let’s all make an effort, here on out, to not refer to the General Assembly as UNGA, ok?)  The speech was reminiscent of his inaugural address where he laid out his grand vision of how awful everything is.  I don’t believe it’s any coincidence that this speech struck the same tone, as the person writing these overarching themes, in their entirety, isn’t this guy:

it’s this guy:


That’s why Trump often seems like what he’s reading off the teleprompter is brand new and interesting information to him, because sometimes it is.

Stephen Miller is responsible for Teleprompter Trump.  This guy cut his fangs with the southern belle segregationist, Jeff Sessions, back in the day, not too long ago, when they were spearheading the movement to undercut Congress’ earnest desire to deal with Daca.  They succeeded in it’s destruction, only for it to end up on Obama’s desk as an executive order.

I suggest reading this story.  The last paragraph:

Does Silverman have any advice for people who are just learning about Stephen Miller for the first time? “Take him seriously and know that he is a dangerous person,” he says. “He has a dangerous mind and a dangerous way of thinking. He wants to shift what America is about . . . . You’ve got to stay vigilant. He’s not taking days off. If there’s one thing Miller is, and he’s a lot of things, he’s absolutely motivated. This is his entire life. This is everything for him. He’s not going to rest. He won’t rest. He won’t stop . . . . He’s not a Trump shill. He was this way before Trump, before Bannon. He was radicalized way before that.”



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