September 15, 2017

This Fox and Friends segment:

Begat this tweet from Trump 36 minutes later.

 Another attack in London by a loser terrorist.These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!

This was noted in real time, on Fox and Friends.  Notice the reaction of the hosts.  They know they just created the news and it is, as of that time, not at all known to be correct or not.


This 7:20am tweet:

 ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!

Comes from this 6:44am segment:


This tweet:

CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!

Originated with  The Washington Times; the previous day’s edition, Semptember 14, 2017.

“Granting citizenship rights to 700,000 Dreamers really means giving a foothold in the U.S. to perhaps 1.5 million other future immigrants, according to analysts who urged Congress to weigh the implications fully before pressing ahead with a mass legalization program.


Chain migration — the ability for the Dreamers to sponsor relatives, including their parents who broke the law by bringing them to the U.S. — is one of a number of issues President Trump and congressional leaders will have to work out as they reach for a deal on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era amnesty that the administration is phasing out.”



4 thoughts on “September 15, 2017

    1. I’m afraid it’s not going to be getting any better. I hate to say…this to me, is only the start of something much worse. Why i figured I might as well start now, although it has been gnawing at me for months.


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